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Stuck - can't progress "Trailing the Caravan

No i was not ambushed
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guys i just logged out and then back in cleared the room again and now it dropped. I did get ambushed this time.
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Just happened to me... WD with Templar follower. Killed all enemies around wagon... clicked on wagon and no staff..... I was not attacked when clicking on wagon.
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I clicked on the cart and some gold popped out and no goatman ambushed me.
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Just got hit with this as well. Barb w/Templar follower. Clicked on the cart and a box fell to the ground, but no staff. Did not get attacked. Restarting the quest fixed it.
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I just clicked the cart and the staff flew up in the air and dropped but I couldn't find it on the ground. There was no ambush as well.
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Same issue here, about to try quitting and coming back in. It'll suck to have to fight through all that again! Well, not really... it was a decent challenge at times.
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I *was* ambushed and had the same problem as others. I clicked the the wagon, a box fell off, but it was not clickable. Immediately I was ambushed by Khazra. I'm going to try restarting the quest.
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Had similar issues, tried to do the quest over and over. It appears if the wagon is in the NE part of the map it will not drop the staff.

If the wagon is in the west part of the map, the staff drops and the ambush occurrs.

I had to re-attempt this quest 4 times to get the cart to work.
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85 Gnome Death Knight
Just had it happen on my lv 13 Barbarian. Found the wagon in the nw of the map, animation happened but no staff. Got ambushed by regular goat people. I decided to try just logging out of the game and then resuming the quest from the hero screen. I'm in single player, btw. Found the wagon just to the east of the bridge leading into the southern highlands (or whatever) and the staff was on the wagon this time. I was able to grab the staff before the wagon did it's animation, and this time i was ambushed by goats and a special big goat with a purple name :) He died with his brothers, and the world is a better place for it.
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Same problem for me (in Nightmare, but not normal). I don't remember if goatmen attacked specifically/directly after clicking the cart, but possibly? I certainly clicked the cart, then fought a goatmen champion pack and died.

edit: actually, I *may* have gotten gold instead of the staff? But again, not sure, because of the chaos of fighting the pack.
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Hey guys,

We are actively researching this issue. Answering this question will really help us out. When you clicked on the cart, did goatmen ambush you?

Thank you!

No, something that looked like the staff dropped, but was not highlightable or grabbable and that is all.
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