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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I want to gift Diablo 3 to a friend, but every time I click on digital download sends me immediately to my battle.net
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I tweeted Zarhym about this last night and he told me it would be an option. I am also not seeing it, not sure if it will go live at a later date.
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I'm also trying to gift this, and can't find anywhere that will let me gift it.
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also would like to send diablo iii to a friend. you people are only losing money every day this is not implemented. shame one you.
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I also want to gift Diablo 3 to a friend. So far the best way I've found it so send money to the friend via Paypal. You can always go to the store and hope they have a box copy in stock, too, then just send your friend the code.
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So far behind times Blizzard. This should have been an option from the start... ahem Steam
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Back in my day, we bought games for our friends! Harrumph.
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Friends don't let friends use Paypal. Try out Amazon Payments for distant (or internet) friends.

Also, implement this asap so you can take my money Blizzard...
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90 Human Priest
Yeah, I would definitely like to see this too. I wanted to buy this for a friend of mine but I don't know his bnet id or if he even has one actually. I'd like to just be able to send an activation code by email or something.
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I agree, was going to do this for a buddy thats a little tight on the money, but turns out i cant.

Take a Cue from Steam, anything is giftable. Increases profits.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
Would make lift so much easier if I could.
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Why is this not an option?
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+1 for gifting. -.-

Seriously, Blizzard....?
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86 Undead Rogue
Extremely disappointed. I was also hoping to gift to a friend.
What's with gaming companies not having gift options? Origin doesn't, Blizzard doesn't. Are they blind or something????
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I also am kind of saddened. I usually play with a core group of people for all my blizzard games. This year my buddy got married and moved far away. I am going to have to mail him copy or get him something else.
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Just thought I'd toss my hat in here too: Was going to buy d3 for a friend but no gift option.

Good job Blizz, good !@#$ing job. :\
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85 Blood Elf Mage
Wanted to make a birthday present of this, looks like I can't.
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Same thing, whould like to gift this game to a friends birthday today. Pitty there is no such option ;(
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90 Human Rogue
Thanks Blizzard, I was unaware that you don't like making more money.
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85 Human Paladin
harrumph. this is an unfortunate thing, indeed. what world is this when one cannot give the gift of Diablo 3? horrible! unforgivable, even!

really, Blizzard, we all know you like money. let us give you more.
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