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I actually got the CE and was curious as to gifting the WoW pet to a friend of mine. I quit playin WoW a while ago (too time consuming for me) and have no need for it. Love all the other perks but this WoW pet of mine is just sitting in cyberspace....

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I would also like to gift a friend of mine, please implement this option
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When I called support last night about a purchase issue when my friend tried to buy it for me, I was told that they will be implementing a way to gift it, but it's not currently available. While I do agree that it's retarded they don't have it on release, at least they are going to have it eventually.
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I had the friend change his battle.net password then give me his credentials. I logged into his account and bought the game with my Credit Card and made sure to not save the Credit Card info. Then he changed his password back and we played last night until about 5am O.O

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I had the friend change his battle.net password then give me his credentials. I logged into his account and bought the game with my Credit Card and made sure to not save the Credit Card info. Then he changed his password back and we played last night until about 5am O.O


I did that very same thing and we played for 2 days until blizzard sent him a email saying that they didn't finalize payment or some bs so just a word of warning they seem pretty anal at the billing department
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90 Draenei Death Knight
Yo. Blizzard. You act like you don't WANT my money. This isn't the first time I've had problems trying to give you money. I don't even like D3 and I want to gift it, so ya know, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.
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89 Tauren Paladin
..... still shaking my head.... its all been said... blizzard fail, what business makes a conscious choice not to make money?
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90 Dwarf Warrior
I too want to do this Blizzard. How can this not be an option? I have a bud who was laid off and has no money atm, so I was going to gift it to him. It would really help seeing we now live in different states...
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I agree, they've lost out on this.

Secondary to the gift idea would be multiple purchases of the same game at a discount, for example 3 copies of D3 at 15% off total. (again a Steam thing)

I will just wait and go into a local gaming store to purchase it, at funnily enough, a price cheaper than digital purchase from Blizzard.
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90 Undead Priest
I want to give daiblo to my gf as a present and now I cant. Blizz fail.
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This is a duplicate post.

Obviously Blizzard is a tad busy with the stabilization of battle.net and with trying to resolve customer issues through the bug forms. As of this time, although it is obvious, there is no way to purchase a gift version of Diablo 3.

What you could do is this:

Call up blizzard's customer service department and advise them on how many Diablo 3 activation codes you wish to purchase. They can bill you over the phone via a credit card and will provide the Diablo 3 activation codes through email.

This way, all your gift receiver would need to do, is download the client software and activate the software as if they purchased a retail copy.

Alternatively, if you can find a game store which still has Diablo 3 in stock, you may just want to purchase a physical copy as a gift.
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Adding another post to the "I'd really like to buy a copy for a friend, Blizzard please let me give you money and don't make it this hard!"

If I have to call the CS department, buy a physical copy, or do other shenanigans to buy a gift copy (Or hell, even a second copy at all! Surely there are people out there who want to make more than ten characters at some point?) for an online game that's otherwise easy to get ahold of digitally, something's wrong.

Someone above said that they were planning on implementing this at some point already. Do we have an ETA on that?
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they have diff price in diff country thats why they dont do it...
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85 Blood Elf Death Knight
Here's to Blizzard saving me $60 by not having a gift option. Cheers.
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So this is still not an available option?

I saw this on their website:
"You can only designate digital downloads as gifts. Doing so will send a transferable authentication key to the email address of your choice. For other products that you wish to gift to someone, simply add their address to your Address Book and send the order there."
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73 Human Death Knight
I would also like to add my support to gifting Diablo 3 digital codes to friends. I mean I always purchase WoW game time card to give friends and I was really disappointed to see I couldn't gift my friend in Brazil Diablo 3. I hope the option will be added soon.
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Please ad this feature, I want to gift this game to a friend who cant afford D3 right now!!!
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Here here, gifting would be great!
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I would love to gift this to my brother. It would be awesome if I could without reading a forum for 5mins finding out that I cannot do this :( very sad.
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I wanted to give a gift too.

Well... with this topic I guess Blizzard will work on this issue. Now we need to wait.
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