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Poison dart or spiders early game?

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86 Gnome Warlock
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Darts with a side of splinters
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34 Human Paladin
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I started with spiders and then died... I use the darts now and I am not having any problems... Therefore, I recommend the darts. :)
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Use the darts, I find that the spiders are better use when there are loads of enemies early game but not against groups of 3 or 4.
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85 Orc Warrior
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I'm staying loyal to the spiders. I love filling spaces with the little baddies. Sure, the lack of direct damage is sometimes annoying, but I think of it as helping remember to be comfortable kiting.
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
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I'm ~17-18 WD atm and honestly, anytime I tried Spiders was when I first got it and the Leaping runes just to goof off with them for a minute. Leaping spiders really do cover a room, but don't do nearly the amount of damage necessary.

I'm already aoeing with Grasp (Eels), Soul Harvest for the Int buff, and spamming Firebats to instantly kill anything in range, I'd rather have a Splinter rune Darts around for great single target damage.
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90 Human Death Knight
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I prefer the darts over spiders... although lobbing jars of spiders at enemies is quite fun...
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85 Gnome Mage
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Forget this Min/Max math crap. Do what is fun and what works for you. It is the first day have fun. I'm switching between spiders and splinter/dart depending on situation.
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Runed Darts are really good dps, on a single target. And that is pretty much it.

Jumping Spiders with the miniscule amount of ias and a~1-2% freeze/stun/etc
you have 20-25 spiders on the ground stunning/freezing everything. And in those
numbers doing respectable dps.

It's just no contest...and the attack speed and proc chances only go up....
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Does soul harvest affect spiders too?
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84 Tauren Druid
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05/15/2012 02:23 PMPosted by TurnusLives
Does soul harvest affect spiders too?

Definitely does. When I was around level 9, their damage went from 2-3 to 5-6 while SH was active!
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05/15/2012 11:35 AMPosted by Keynllanth
From the tool tip it seems like they only bite once though, right?

Twice. Spiders are closer in damage to darts then most ppl realize......More damage if you know how to use them correctly.....And even more damage if you set em out before you pull.
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Darts for single target dps, other skills for AOE

*edit Darts with the rune that splits it into three darts for a total of 180% instant damage
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85 Human Paladin
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Ive been tossing down spiders and kiting with the ground ability, keeping my dogs up at all times aswell
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Runed poison darts are ridiculous...probably like 95% of my dmg

It's like a 93R that shoots awesome
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