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Thank god no HC yet.

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Eventually, perhaps, but not yet.

I died 3-4 times in A1. Got really unlucky with some rare and unique savage beasts, goatmen, and trees.

Anybody else apprehensive about beginning hardcore before they know the ropes because of this?
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The only time I came very close to dying was on A1 end boss fight. I was trying to get the achievement for killing him whilst stunned and while I was running around waiting, I got to really low health with heal and potion on cooldown.

Turns out achievement is nightmare and above only >.<

Reading fail.
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Dont you have to get to level 10 before you can even choose to start a hardcore character
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Nope, started HC as soon as I hit 10 and am about to beat act 4 (please let me back on servers). Haven't even come close to dying yet!
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I only had a couple hours to play :( got a barb to lvl 10 quickly then made my HC Monk (which #%%!s face) and just demolished the Leoric! Got 2 rings that increase attk speed by 10% so i'm attacking like a beast!
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05/15/2012 01:44 PMPosted by BazDefunct
Nope, started HC as soon as I hit 10 and am about to beat act 4 (please let me back on servers). Haven't even come close to dying yet!

Barb or Monk?
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Well, keep in mind that you're not really playing like a hardcore player. Even if you're 'testing' for hardcore, you're not. When death is permanent, every decision is given a bit more thought, every stat is considered. You move more slowly and cautiously and pick your skills differently.

Personally, I am LOVING playing the game through the first time on hardcore. It's not just the death now, it's the complete unknown. My friend and I have no idea what to expect when we start a boss fight. The only thing we can do is have lots of defensive abilities, stack vit, and hope for the best! I've never had a bigger thrill in a video game.
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I did a SC normal play through on my WD. The only time I died was 3 times to the A2 boss, almost there on my HC wizard and nervous as heck
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