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Blacksmith plans

Just got my first plan in Act1 inferno, "plan:Exalted sovereign helm." I believe I got it off just a random zombie to boot.
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Inferno Act 1. I've picked up lvl 60 helm, chest, and shield. The armor is slightly better then the standard ones you can make when your skill is maxed.
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Found: Plan: Exalted Sovereign Mail in Act 1 inferno got it of a Unique monster ...just to feed my curiosity how much u think this would sell for on AH?
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05/18/2012 10:29 AMPosted by Saregos
i got plans for 4 weapons rares 5 armor rates in normal. but then again i soloed every level of normal so i could enjoy the storyline without a bunch of people to bother me until nightmare. level 32

I think you're mis-understanding the difference between the "trained" rares (yellow items) and the plans we're talking about - which are rare drops that allow crafting of Set and Legendary items. See http://us.battle.net/d3/en/artisan/blacksmith/progression/#level=4 under "Taught by plans" for the items we're referring to.

There are no Rare plan-taught items until Exalted (i.e. maxed Blacksmith). And if you're talking about having 9 of the items on that "Taught by Plans" list, I hate you.

So far between the six of us we have only seen one plan drop, it was an exalted plan that came off of inferno level. The person who got the drop is not a master of his trade, so i do not think that comes into play.
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05/25/2012 03:48 AMPosted by overgrownroo
Found: Plan: Exalted Sovereign Mail in Act 1 inferno got it of a Unique monster ...just to feed my curiosity how much u think this would sell for on AH?

They have all the plans listed on there and it will show you the average medium of what that plan sells for! Which i found pretty neat, well if you are the seller lol.

I believe they are being posted for 500k - a few million. But i can't say if they are actually selling or not.
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Found 3 plans and I always found them with my magic find gear on, so I think magic find might affect the chance that plans drop although I'm not sure. I didn't find a single plan before inferno, but I did get the Staff of Herding from Izual.

The plans aren't amazing as they are rares with +4 mods only, but I suppose it's better than nothing. The legendaries still elude me even with almost 200 mf with valor buff though :(
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I was running Nephalim 5 on inferno on my monk when A legendary plan dropped. My BS is level 9 , 25% till tier 10. I beat it outta some random skeleton grunt that D@#$ riding an elite mob and throwing cheap shots at me. I didn't realize what it was until I got back to base to inspect my spoils of war. Anyway, not sure what do do with the wretched thing since I'm not rolling in wads of coin to craft anything not embarrassing. So I guess ill hold onto it. I hear ppl sell they're kidneys online to get a hold if these things. Lol silly kids and their video games. bless their souls! Weekend away from diablo. We'll c what happens next week.
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im a master in NM and i havent seen any plan drops. the AH turns up with no results. maybe that is also turned off like gems are for now.
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Yesterday, I saw the achievement you get for teaching the blacksmith 25 recipes, and thought that I must be missing something, because the only plan I've found in all my play time up to level cap and Inferno is for the Cow Staff. After reading this thread, I guess I wasn't missing anything; plans are just stupidly rare and practically unobtainable. Strange that they'd have an achievement in the game for getting a whopping twenty-five. Crazy. At this rate, I'll get that achievement near the end of the game's twenty-fifth expansion set.

To be blunt, I think having plans be this rare is dumb. They might as well not even be in the game. Like Set items and Legendaries; if the only way to see one drop, even after playing through the whole game up to level 60 and playing in Inferno, is to buy them from Auction House, I consider them failures. They're technically in the game, but they didn't add to the variety of item drops, which is something the game is lacking right now.
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i wouldnt count on finding them at all in normal. Even if you get 1, you need like 5 just to lvl the blacksmith, not to mention the new lvl items also can require more of these plans/recipes. Soon as i jumped into nightmare i got my first plan before reaching cain in act 1. by the time i was halfway through the act i had like 10-15 jewlery and smith plans each. but im hopping patch 1.03 reduces the # of recipes needed to craft items.
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84 Night Elf Druid
talking about actually plans.. not what is required to level, those are quite common for drops! The plans on the other hand are apparently more rare then legendaries. Im a lvl 60 monk farmed hell mode plenty and have yet to see anything but one that a merchant was selling in bastion stronghold (act 3 town), it was the staff of herding.
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90 Tauren Druid
So why is it that we have to wait till nightmare mode to get pans for blacksmithing. I am leveled up in BS and most of the items I can currently make are items my Wizard and Witch cannot use. And I have already made the items they could.

I am guessing its so that folks will enter the Nightmare Mode after they complete the "Normal" mode.
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you get pages in NM, Tomes in Hell, and you can only get the Legendary ones and so on in INFERNO...same for Jewel crafter, you will also need around 1mil in coins through out all the leveling...My BS is currently lvl 8 and my JC is lvl 8 these are the lvl were u must go through inferno to surpass
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Has anyone of you crafted a weapon plan before? Mind sharing your experience?
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so far i am lvl 54 in act1 hell and havent gotten a single plan. they need to hurry up and bring back commodities so i can just buy them.
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05/17/2012 02:14 PMPosted by tehlor
I found the Staff of Herding recipe (The one for the my little pony island event thing) in act 4 normal mode :P

Same here - found it during act 4 normal - it's the only oneI have found to date - finished all of nightmare without finding another - very rare.

I've also only found 2 legendary Items in all my time, so I may have some bad luck.

Just started playing act 1 hell - will let you know if things improve.
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My blacksmith is capped at lvl 10.

haven't dropped a single plan on my lvl 60 monk.

Just started a MF W.D. lvl 24 and starting to see alot of rares and even dropped a legendary last night but still no plans and Mf is at 75%.

Kinda mad to be honest, I spent so much money and matts thinking, ok, I understand the games not gonna give me a bunch of legendary's but I was almost sure I would get a perk for putting in the effort.

Well, I decided what the heck, my buddy needs some armor so I'll go ahead and make it for him. Total crap gear, so I did it again, same effect, did it again and got a little better rare with 3 slots for him but it cost me soooo much gold and matts just to get eh gear.

So you get to make rares as you lvl your blacksmith,but,with that being said be aware when you put those matts together and r ready to drop 40,000 plus gold my suggestion is to make a strong drink, cross your fingers and close your eyes and pray b4 you hit that shinny craft button, or rethink what you are getting ready to do cuz I have wasted thousands of gold crafting very weak items that are useless.
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When do they start dropping the tomes u need instead of pages are they even in night
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