I downloaded the 8Gb setup files on March, and run the installer regularly ever since. Yesterday the installer said my Tome 2.MPQE was not valid. Cool... <sigh>

I went to the foruns to find out that apparently it is my fault that the Blizz programmers managed to either a) corrupt a file because apparently I had no clue and closed the downloader too early, even though it said "100% complete" and had no indication that anything else was going on, and didn't even provide an alert message indicating that it shouldn't be closed at this point; or b) forgot how to recover a specific bad file, leaving the other good files alone, so you only download what really needs to be downloaded.

So, being guilt of those glaring programmers mistakes, I must pay ION style, and re-download the **whole** thing again...

WTG BLizz, hoped that after so many patchers and installers and downloaders, your programmers already knew how to create a pleasant setup experience... I see. My fault again. Sorry.