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I didn't change anything on my end, so it's in Blizz's end, but for whatever reason it's now fixed. Closed
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This happens to me. Are you on university isp? I think that might have something to do with it
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No, I am at home.
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Same here, I went to log back in on my level 7 monk, and was greeted by a level 0 "unknown" character screen. Even after I selected the level 7 monk from the character menu, the screen continued to show level 0 "unknown" as the hero selected.

When I clicked resume game, it hung for awhile, then logged me in to my level 7 monk.
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Cryogen, that would lead me to believe that the Level 0 Unknown bug/issue is separate from what I'm experiencing, then. Because I can't even play (see invisible character & no spawns issue) *sighs but stays calm*
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Welcome to internet all the time DRM and packed, crappy servers. I got to level 9. Had to go do some running. And now I'm getting the same thing except also disconnecting every 30 seconds if it lasts that long. If its not a bug blizzard will tell you that its on your end or that you need a faster connection though. Our only hope is they do find something on thier end they can fix. Thoes of us with slower connections are completely screwed even though I can play something like BF3 or MMO's (just played gw2 with 0 issues yesterday) untill either they do something about it (more or better servers) or people start to play less.
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I played D3 open beta just fine, and I'm able to connect (just that... there's no character to move...), so I really doubt it's a connection/hardware issue.

Yeah, I took part in GW2's Beta Weekend Event and it was flawless. Well, minor bugs but that's what stress tests and closed/open betas are for, amirite? Again, sigh.

I've read all the tips on the loading screen by now, lol. :)
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Same thing occurs to me.

Posted this issue as well earlier before giving up:


Good thing you provided screenshots!

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Bump, because, seriously...
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