ok, so i have downloaded / deleted D3 4 times now, and i am starting to get wery angry, the problem comes when the louncher apperes after the main download is complete. i get the louncher, and press install, and agrre with the terms etc. and then i get error 108... and it all disappares. when i try to go back to the folder i downloaded D3 in it is a wery small file, and i feel like i did not download anything over the past 3 hour i spent dowloading the whole 7.6 GB file. can someone pliz tell me what to do? redowloading and doing stuff that MvP's have said in other posts does not work, and also, why cant i download D3 in the folder i want? i want it in programfiles(x86) but i cant, and i end up putting it in a randome located file, just wondering why it is like this? and why i have spent the past 20+ hours watching the downloader fail time after time