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Am I the only one that's going Sacrifice?

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Sacrifice (with next of kin for 35% chance of getting a new dog when one dies)

Zombie dogs, of course.

Circle of Life for the 5% chance to get new dogs

Zombie handler to get a 4th dog

And a bunch of area of effect stuff. If you're killing enough mobs you'll pretty much have a constant stream of exploding zombie dogs. The only thing that might be a problem is boss fights.
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For sacrifice, the damage potential is awesome, but you pretty much have to go ALL in. To make it sustainably viable, you need something like this:


Which takes a long time to get. Without a build devoted to Sacrifice, it becomes a situational ability.
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I was going to build this but decided against it when I realised how woeful Zombie Dogs is past about level 13. They die to almost anything, even with the 20% damage passive. I switched to the gargantuan as soon as it was available and haven't looked back, plus I'll now have an extra slot available for something else.
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I used sacrifice once and promptly took it off my bar, it ends up having a massive cooldown because the dogs have a massive cooldown.

It has too many draws back to jusity using it:
Long cooldown (link to dog CD)
You lose your dogs, so having zombie dog as a skill becomes wasted. Essentially to make a sacrifice build means it costs 2 abilities
You have no control over where you dogs go/attack, so aiming sacrifice is out of the question

Yeah, dire bats is way better grab than sacrifice...heck almost anything is.

I would argue sacrifice is our worse ability atm.

Well, it's definitely not a build you can do at level 13, but I think once you have four dogs + good armor (so they're not dying) + circle of life + the 35% chance to respawn your dogs, you can pretty much have a constant stream of them. There's also Grave Injustice that reduces your cooldown. Oh, and I totally forgot about Boogie Man.

I am totally speculating but I think that ability's going to be one of the best once you have access to those passives. You could actually skip out on zombie dogs and get an AOE spell instead, it might end up being able to summon more of them. Keep in mind Circle of Life has a tiny radius right now because of lack of gear - at higher levels it's going to be proccing on anything you kill.
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