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2h or dagger/mojo

2 Orc Warlock
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Since spells are based off weapon damage wouldn't it be better using 2h weapons?
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OMG thats a good observation, i think it does, according that WD's does not recibe too much damage because they are always trying to keep away the mobs. Im pretty sure that using a 2h weapon its a better choice.
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85 Worgen Death Knight
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2H atm, and I assume it'll stay that way during the initial stages of the game. Once I find some higher level mojos however....
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I have a pretty sick dagger and a mojo and it does far more damage than a random 2h weapon would do for me. Then again I'm rockin dual rares.
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85 Human Priest
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Depends on what items you have. The extra +dmg on the offhand mojos stack incredibly well, but a really good 2H can sometimes be better.
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Isn't int an important factor in damage for the WD?
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Aren't poison darts tied to *both* weapon damage and attack speed? Could be wrong, haven't tested it myself or anything. Just that when I hit the attack speed shrine, I turn into a machine gun.

Got a dagger and wanga to swing around anyhow.
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I've got a blue dagger/rare mojo and its like 30dps better than the bow i was using earlier. i think both have the same level requirements too =P
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i'll honestly say in my mind (providing end game legendary's/rares with epic rolls ) dagger pffhand will be > 2hand in a dps role and 2h> dag/offhand when doing summoning or party support? Am i going off the deep end with this one? Plus faster attack for procs?
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Yes weapon speed does matter; realistically you'd be mostly concerned about the DPS of a weapon (except for modifiers such as +1-2 cold dmg etc. and life gained per hit which are only dependant on weapon speed). From what I've seen between levels 1 and 30 it is hands down better to use the Mojo + 1h. You have to consider that 1 int = 1% extra damage so you need a solid balance between weapon damage and int; stack one too high and you're wasting damage. Think of it as an optimization problem.
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2h does do more damage but keep in mind that the 1 handers have higher attack speed which does effect how fast you cast your spells.
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Does your skills damage come from base weapon damage or DPS?
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