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Finally! thanks -0-
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is rediculous. Has 3 hours that I am trying to play the game and servers are full! What is happening? Error 37 all the time. I was not waiting for this feedback! Why not has enough servers available?
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cant install, getting a failure to initialize streaming. :*( any solutions?
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You know what would be awesome? being able to retrieve my hero list
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my home country is Australia but im in Indonesia (South East Asia) atm.

I still get the error 12 every time i tried to log in, and it happens on all three servers (asia america, europe)

Oh and it's a digital copy.

Any suggestions?
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Im playing US. but my region is EU. its ok. i think.
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Damn, the log in button still not highlighted... what should I do ? I enter my battle net tag and my password but login still not highlighted... ???
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login using your email address connected with your battlenet account, this will highlight the login button
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whats wrong with the unhighlighted buttons!!!! GM WHERE ARE YOU? please reply
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89 Draenei Hunter
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I down loaded Diablo three and when I go to play it gives me my regular world of war craft catacysm. What am I doing wrong and why can't I get into Diablo three?
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I am in Macau,I cannot log in.
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I would just like to point out the fact that I even have to login online to play a single player game is absolutely ludicrous and that the copious amounts of complaints that you guys are getting over this is something that will remove this feature from the game in a future patch. Knowing that I'm at the mercy of your servers and an internet connection to enjoy a game that I should be able to drop the disc into my computer and just play is enraging. I really hope that Blizzard notes complaints like this when considering what their players actually WANT as opposed to what they are FORCED to get.
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your login information was incorrect please try again (Error 315300 ) ?
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the log in button doesnt lite up i keep click it but nothing
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/sigh....stayed up all night...still not working.... going to bed...
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I keyed in my battlenet name and password but the login button is not enabled too :( mine is a digital copy
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Login button not highlighted:

Insert yout EMAIL in the user field, NOT your BattleTAG!!!!!
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i want to play lah ive been waiting for a day already since the launch day lah! but still im in front of my computer all day trying to connect to blizzard lah! but i cant connect until now!!! i think i wasted my money lah! blizzard better give me something to be happy again lah!
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05/15/2012 04:12 AMPosted by Zannalorian
I cannot log into the game at all. i have access due to my annual pass and my account says active but when i go to log into the game it gives me an error 315300 and says not valid.

I had the same problem with MoP Beta. I hunted everywhere for solutions for hours and nearly went bald and had no fingernails left. Finally, I decided to change my password -wish it had been the first thing i tried because it worked- I'm taking it to mean password change= authenticating game to your account. If that doesn't work, then I don't know - computers and me aren't the best of friends LOL
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