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Cool, so if we want to play not the game we paid for on servers in a different part of the world on characters we will never play again after they finally fix the NA servers we can go do that. Super.
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I lold
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One simple word would have saved you soooo much hassle " Connecting to AMERICAS Battle.net Server..." or EUROPE or whatever. There is no point in NOT telling people which server they are currently connecting to... this would have fixed all LOST HERO- and CAN'T ADD FRIENDS-threads. The achievement stuff is probably related to the Global Play Environment too...
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Well while you guys were whining about america servers i was playing on Asia. I guess you can do other things then swamp the forums with crying. Now i'm farther then you :)
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i got error 84, when i choose US server and english.
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Is there no way to transfer a hero across regions? Even if it's only a 1 time thing those of us in the Americas should be allowed to transfer a hero we created in another region (so that we can actually play the game and not stare longingly while waiting for server maintenance) back to our native land. If you worry about hax or something perhaps only allow it for us anti-social single player freaks? I have 0% interest in playing online at least for the first two maybe three private playthroughs. I remember back in D2 some characters were not allowed in ladder games or something (never bothered to find out what ladder was).
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It's only live for some people. I think about 70% of the people who got collectors edition from Best Buy don't have it(even though the payed 5$ in advance), myself included. Best Buy makes you get it from the store you preordered it at, and i had paid 5$ to get CE guaranteed in-store pickup, and that store(along with many others) were out of CE in less than 1hr of opening.bullcrap
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I love diablo3 :D
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It defaulted to Global for me. Never picked any region, i guess i should look and see if they put me in NA!
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Although they say global gameplay is live, appreantly I still cannot login although I have put a region from the options menu. Anyone solved this problem yet?
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whats a good pc to play diablo 3 im in the ston age i really dont know to mucho about computers... can someone help me?
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Update: global play now NOT LIVE
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any one in asia server? once we play public , can we play back to private?
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Global play is not working for those who have Korean battle.net accounts.
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Server is live here in taiwan
again my question is unanswered ...

how does that explain my error 84 then?
I want my version in English , not Traditional Chinese...
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