So yeah. On just about every skill with a range, there's this number next to a meaningless measurement unit.

17 yards in a tooltip is closer to 3-5 yards. I really don't understand how multiple groups of people saw this and said it was okay. It was even brought up during the beta.

Please fix this. It's very sloppy and doesn't match the rest of the polish on the game. I don't care if you guys don't want to change the numbers... just change the units. Make up a measurement. I understand why you use yards (same measurement as WoW, a good all-around general unit of measure), but it's completely inaccurate and confusing.

17 units. 17 rooks. 17 feet. It doesn't really matter what it is, as long as it isn't something as ridiculously huge as yards.

A little explaining to people who haven't messed with it much in-game: the barbarian skill rend, first glyph makes the range 17 yards. In actuality, if there are mobs extremely tight all around you, I think it might Rend 2 rows of mobs, maybe 3 if they're very tight. It would be more accurate to say 3 yards.

Imagine you were playing a warrior in WoW, and your Cleave tooltip says it reaches 17 yards, but it really only hits in melee range on humanoid mobs with regular hitboxes. That's how ridiculous it is.