I clocked back before I updated my drivers to try to solve my unplayability issues. Now It will not let me uninstall the BETA. I get Uninstall.XML Could not be Read. I'm trying to reinstall everything and Now. Still nothing. I've been working on trying to play for 6 hours now. I've tried just about everything to get the game to play.

It will launch, I get the Diablo 3 logo and that's it. Nothing. It's running in the background but I cannot see it. If this is a known issue, how do I resolve this. I'm out of ideas at this point and seriously considering a refund. It's just not worth the headache. After 15 years in the Gaming business why are they releasing such buggy software? My computer is fine. It's a gaming computer. My boyfriend solved his issues and he has a much older PC. I don't get it?

My video card is supported, it's ATI Radeon 5700. I am running from admin. I really need help. I got a across the board answer to my ticket that does not answer my questions or solve my issues.

I'm ready to give up ever playing this game. MY BETA Ran find and I don't understand why this is happening. I'm extremely sad right now. This was my Birthday Gift and I cannot enjoy it.
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