Diablo® III

Emergency Maintenance — Error 317002


"Thank you for your patience"

Lol what? I want to smash something right now.
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Very impressed of what I have seen so far while it has been up. Played for 3 hours before it went down. Just got back in and its going down again! I understand there is going to be hotfixes and little bugs (it is launch day) with that said, If I am playing a single player campaign not on a public server why am I in Que to play on my machine?
I hate Blizzard so much lol. I swear to god this cash crop company does this crap to us just to troll.
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Where's the broadcast in Diablo 3?
Posts: 42
I hate Blizzard so much lol. I swear to god this cash crop company does this crap to us just to troll.

I lol'd
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damdamdam... hope this game is up asap
How do we know if the queueing status really works?

I cant see my position in the queue
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so fail.... stupid online only feature, let us play damnit
Suddenly, being stuck at work till 11 p.m. seems alright.
OH hey, now that we have another hour of downtime we all might as well re-install the damn game because im sure that's what the GM's will say when we ask them wtf is wrong with our product.
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Could you plz get the game up for more than an hour. I don't know about anyone else but I REALLY wish we could play offline.
And another hour... ffs Blizzard...
Ok im done.. Goodbye Diablo 3 and Hello to Hello Kitty's adventure Island!
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Disconnected and I can't get back on.
I guess that's the shutdown
Why doesn't your game have off-line play? I've barely been able to play the game since launch because the servers are either full or you're bringing them down for maintenance. I don't understand why I can't play a single player game for reasons which have nothing to do with single player? There's been a huge amount of disruption to my ability to play this bloody game all because of some server problems. I thought this was why you did an open beta, to avoid this crap? Make the game playable off-line if you can't provide reliable functioning servers.
Blizzard, how much more proof do you need that you HAVE TO HAVE OFFLINE MODE for single player mode? At least then people could still use the product they paid for!!!

And seriously, you should do some load testing and capacity planning the next time. This is just unacceptable.
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