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Emergency Maintenance — Error 317002


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Learn to spell. months* copies* dollares* a hour* gets* least* was* enough* enough*
before you troll blizzard again, make sure it is something they can actually pronounce.
8 hours trying to get the upgrade set up bug fixed, now another hour....sigh
Dang, well, I guess something was bound to happen. Fingers crossed it's only an hour.
Blizzard i sure hope you did not over estimate yourselves with this 1 hours prediction. You know if it goes 1:01 things are going to get ugly. Good luck!
For real? didnt you guys had time enough to test the servers. if this goes on i will get my money back in the next two days... -.-
Are you people getting some kind of error 317002 msg? Im just getting the normal error 75 msg. Or i get to retrieving hero list and it just gets stuck on there. Ive left it up for half an hour before. Is that just heavy traffick? Dont mind if it is, just wanted to know there was not something wrong on my end
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read the blue post and youll have an answer !
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stuck like the rest that's what i get for login off to get ventrilo to talk in group.
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they taking longer then 1 hour so far... might be whole week!
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My friends are in games and yet I am receiving the Error 317002 message. Are there problems on Blizzard's end or mine?
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Enough is Enough, now i am getting them damn Error 37's again when i try and log in
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Ok...now it's showing the error 75 message...WTF!!
I have to work tonite and got up at 12:00 to play before work and this is what I get...this sux!!!
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05/15/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Hurrikane
they taking longer then 1 hour so far... might be whole week!

They have not taken longer than an hour from this post.
Did anyone actually think a launch this big would be without error?
Calm down people the servers will be up in about an hour as many people playing it im sure they prolly expected some miner crap to go wrong hopfuly they get it up soon
i call for a class action lawsuit... any lawyers in da house?
Love it when people use more than the vacuum between their ears. That's when miracles happen.
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Why the hell does the game have to be online/server dependant. Who cares if you can talk to the people you play WoW with. I don't play games like this to talk to people, I play these games the get the #$%^ away from them.
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you cant say you didnt expect this... its the first day.. and it probably will take longer than an hour so go take your meds and relax.
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