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Emergency Maintenance — Error 317002


GET The damn servers online now ffs.. its really anoying!
At least Blizzard is keeping up with the forum updates. Thanks Velnrac
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This is why I didn't take the day off from work. I saw this coming :P
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Blizzard... "Where we strive for mediocrity and failure".

This happens with every launch, patch, update and expansion. Companies ran like this in the real world would be in Bankruptcy.

Interesting. So all the Motor vehicle recalls, product recalls, food recalls, baby product recalls, toy recalls are not bad business? Stuff happens to companies and they have to fix it. Be happy they are working on it now rather than your car which might start a fire if you turn the wheel a certain way. That doesn't get fixed for months. Sheesh, lighten up people. Not one game or product release has ever gone smoothly in the history of mankind.
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AWESOME!!! Diablo broke WoW!

Blizzard, this is pathetic...
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dreaming if u think itll be up as scheduled by blizzard. -.-
Imagine all the East Coast students, rushing home at 3:00 to find a big fat maintenance update and a wonderful hour and a half wait. Oh well, hopefully they fix everything in this hour and a half- the patience of their customers is drying up.
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Not one game or product release FROM BLIZZARD has ever gone smoothly in the history of mankind.

I went ahead and fixed that for you.. :)
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You are not prepared!

I think we all learned a lesson here...Don't force online play into offline games!
My patients ran out when I could not get on at 3:00am.
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Just got home from work, installed Diablo 3 last night so that it would be ready when i got home. I attempted to log in, then noticed blizzard was doing maintenance, and read that the game wouldnt be available til 130 pdt. But to all you out there that cant log in, keep trying, i finally got past the authentication part, accepted my terms of use, and got through the retrieving hero's list. KEEP TRYING PEOPLE!!!!!!!

(and then i just came across Error 317002) and i am now sad again...
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I realised there would be problems..but come on . I feel ripped off, been waiting months for this game . What little gameplay I got earlier I loved but I am very dissapointed in the amount of problems. Can't believe I took time of work and now not be able to log in. :(
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You know how you could prevent all of this?

Offline capabilities.
got past authenticated and now waiting for character list.. meaning it is going to be up soon? LOL
Guys, try to make a successful online game before flaming Blizzard on every little mistake, ok? And for the record, if Blizzard is as lame as you think, then why are you lots here in the first place?! :O Get real, people. It's like you forgot how Diablo I and II started in their first days of release. Be a little more understanding, it won't hurt... much...

So what now? Im stcu at getting hero's list.. servers still down or what? or just to much traffic
i got through hero screen and got an error.. at least i made it past the login screen.. LOLs
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guess what guys, new breaking news on the main page. Their new time is 1:30 PDT (4:30 EST)
hey I wrote this in a d3 forum a week ago...

Tuesday 8th May 2012
'Practicing for next Tuesday already...

'Tuesday 15th May 2012...

"God darn it Blizzard, I took the friggin day of work to play D3 and I cant get on because of 'error #####' / servers are full.
This is the last time I'm ever buying a Blizzard game, you bunch of money stealing morons"

Do you thing that's a bit too rough? Should I go with a more toned down version ? '

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