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Emergency Maintenance — Error 317002


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hahaha sweet
just got logged back in, but this error? Still getting it.
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Seems progress.....

Now getting through Authenticating.... GOOD SIGN
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Guy guys
Listen here:
Diablo III had one of the highest player count hammering the server and playing, it's pretty normal that the servers are in a bad shape.

The product is not broken, the population just makes it hard to maintain.
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Um can we get a blue to update the status of this error, Im still getting it this error : (
-.- this is not very nice !!!! i dont pay 70$ to dont play !! :(
shouldnt they of anticipated this?
Well, to all who mention the game shoulda had off-line play, thank the wonderful pirates and those who refuse to PAY for games....

We still have about an hour left...

And to Blizz... I'm glad I could play for 15 minutes.... but what happened to 'It'll be done when its done.'?

Oh well, guess I can finish packing for the move next week :(
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It's ok, Europe and Asia are more important.
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Paying customer is displeased.
I understand somewhat long queues, or even laggy performance. But this is a bit ridiculous.
If you have to take things down, then at least take the time to fix it right. Stop throwing bandaids on it.
!@#$ diablo3, %^-* server, almost 24h after launching nothing is working
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12 hours and 18 minutes is not almost 24 hours. It just feels like it ;)

Though yes, the downtime is rather frustrating.
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So you guys had months... no.. actually years to get this game ready for launch. You even had a stress test. You guys could've easily anticipated much of these issues. Come on Blizz. You can do better than this.
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05/15/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Deathshroud
shouldnt they of anticipated this?

I imagine it is hard to plan for everything. I think they knew everyone would try to log on at once, is understandable, we have been waiting for years for the game.

That being said it probably blew a few fuses when 20 million people all logged in at the same time. I got to play for around 6 hours beore this happened. I am not worried about it. I have been passing the time cleaning house and loooking at these forums.
Damn just reached Lvl 9 -.- pls hurry up blizz, i spent so much money on you :'(

Warcraft, SC, Brood War, D1, D2, D3, SC2...now you can do ME a favor and fix the servers -.- !!
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Are all US servers down?
I think one of the main quest is to get through the login screen.. LOLz
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