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Emergency Maintenance — Error 317002


do any servers work ie europe?
Gettin through the login screen...

Difficulty: Double-Inferno t____T
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New number of the Beast! 317002!
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Ah! I got as far as being able to see my character list, and I can talk to my sister (who is playing with no problems atm). I've let her know about the maintenance and stuff, so she knows if she ends up with problems that's why. And I let her know that if she wants to log at some point she needs to mean it since she probably won't be able to get back.

Got the 317002 error about not being able to find the correct config to join games, but oh well. It's better than I was getting before ;)
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As for Europe, they did not work the last two hours. And people over here were delegating people to the US servers, as "they seem to work".

So much for that :D
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05/15/2012 12:22 PMPosted by Kaitrin
Well, to all who mention the game shoulda had off-line play, thank the wonderful pirates and those who refuse to PAY for games....

Good point.

Except that they'll have a cracked and hacked version that will work offline in short order and they'll be able to play while all the paying and legitimate customers are stuck with this type of mess. T^T

Happened with Bethesda and Skyrim too. The pirates had working stuff for weeks while the official paid customers had broken stuff. :(

Except for the fact that all of Diablo 3's information is stored server side, meaning that even if someone could get a client that would be able to work without having a connection, you wouldn't see any characters, monsters, or NPCs.

Why do you think this launch has been so messy? I'm not sure that many games have ever stored so much data server-side.

As for people complaining about the stress test, I know for a fact that there are 5 people that are playing D3 now that didn't even bother with the stress test. I can imagine that there are millions more.
And server are down again ... guess what blizz. next time get an OFFLINE SINGLE PLAYER MODE. So poeple who DO NOT WANT to play online can play, it will give you LESS STRESS on your server, wont crash, EVERYONE IS HAPPY. and you will sell the SAME AMOUNT OF GAME.

Check on the sell record of Ubisoft following assassin creed, they invent this "you must stay online to play single player" crap anti-piracy, and they almost went bankrupt on this idea. and assassin creed crack to play offline is the MOST downloaded pirate game of all time ... get your big brain on that one and guess why.
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There is a lot of people trying to log on and play right now. Issues were bound to occur on launch day, as with any other game ever made. It's best to get them resolved now so we can play with fewer interruptions later. Sounds like the ones complaining never played a multiplayer pc game on launch day. Waiting a few hours is not the end of the world, and soon as this maint. is over with, everyone will be happy as ever playing their favorite game. So have some patience and keep yourself preoccupied while the servers are down.
05/15/2012 12:22 PMPosted by ShadowJ
I think one of the main quest is to get through the login screen.. LOLz

You get an achievement and everthing! Its, "It took a long time but you bravely fought through an EPIC Blizzard fail"
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Blizzard should make their maintenance predictions the same way Scotty did, and multiply them by a factor of four. That way when they finally do get finished, they'll have finished early, and we would be hailing them as miracle workers.
Guy guys
Listen here:
Diablo III had one of the highest player count hammering the server and playing, it's pretty normal that the servers are in a bad shape.

The product is not broken, the population just makes it hard to maintain.

Children’s comments aside and such. I don’t agree with that, it really does come down to shoddy project management and poor planning for the launch day. The fact that only individuals that had pre-bought the digital copy of the game were trying to connect at the midnight kick off and weren’t able to get in is really a horrible display of business foresight. The company knew the numbers that were going to be going through those servers on the day, purely off the amount of digital copies they sold and still weren’t able to perform to an acceptable standard.
Now i’m sure stress tests were done and another whole array of benchmarks that the rest of us weren’t exposed to and would have no knowledge of, but the fact that the game still isn’t accessible to an acceptable level nearly 24 hours after the launch date is shocking. Absolutely appalling to be honest. No doubt that there is a cost factor involved, because poor customer service usually breeds from a lack of funds available to pump into what is required to run an above par level. However i don’t feel it that is a valid excuse.
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I think "Play the Game" is the main quest.
The other are just side quests.
its hard to stress test 20million people trying to log onto your servers. they servers arent designed to handle that kind of usage. they should have more servers, but... eh.

I got to play for about 2 hours earlier which was awesome. Its a really amazing game just try to be patient, as hard as i know it is.
05/15/2012 12:23 PMPosted by IgortheUgly
do any servers work ie europe?

Yes but it's almost impossible to log in.
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05/15/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Grelina
do any servers work ie europe?

Yes but it's almost impossible to log in.

seriously? it's like hell is already here... nothing is working... I guess they forgot us due to the american servers -.-

this is so annoying !!!! I'll dream about error 37 and 75 tonight. Bolloks!!!!!
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its hard to stress test 20million people trying to log onto your servers. they servers arent designed to handle that kind of usage. they should have more servers, but... eh.

I don't agree with this. Isn't blizz first game. Isn't blizz first fail on "stress test".
Who play wow know this very well. Every update happens something like this.
We are all in line to enter the fires of HELL from the BLIZZ.. LOL!

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