Diablo® III

Let's stop and think for a second...

The folks at Blizzard knew this would happen. They're only moderately trying to appease everyone -- saying they're working at it. Sure, they are to an extent, but not really. I don't blame them though, I understand running a business.

There is no reason for them to buy and maintain extra servers that will never be used again once this peak traffic is over after 24-48 hours.

All we can do is sit here and wait.
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Exactly. This is just a patience issue. I understand alot of people want to play now but to be honest I'd rather wait a day or two when it has calmed down rather than attempt for 2 days to log in just to meet alot of other people and deal with a laggy game due to how many people are on at once.

I'm not sure how it works in game yet, I just know it's online only. Still trying to fix issues and nowhere near logging into the game yet. I don't mind being patient though, just makes this game all the more worth it.
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how about staggering the release by timezone? wouldnt have cost them anything extra.
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The fact is that they knew this was going to happen and could have handled it better. Would it have really taken too much extra work to at least implement a queue so that we don't need to constantly bombard the auth server with login attempts? We're over a barrel only because they chose to eliminate the offline play option. They aren't going to lose customers and they know it, but that doesn't mean that people are wrong to be upset that they can't play the game they paid for.

...On the other hand, you know what, you're right - wait. You and everyone else. Once you've all resigned yourselves to not logging in for a day or three, I'll be able to get in.
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