*This only works if you have a computer that meets the minimum requirements and want to transfer it over to a different computer/labtop that does not meet the requirements*

I currently have a "Gaming" Labtop that does not meet the minimum requirements to play D3, I also have 2 computers in my house that i do use becuase i have a labtop, sounds ligit? always, One of the computers met the minimum requirements to play D3. I ended up downloading/installing the game to 100%, tried launching it but recieved a gray screen, (Must be the graphics card or drivers card not allowing it to run the game). Long story short i transfered the 100% diablo 3 Folder from the computer over into a portable hardrive, I then connected it to my labtop, copied and paste the 100% diablo 3 folder to my desktop. Launched the game and went from 0% to 100%, pressed play, and im not currently in the game at the logon screen. everything works, no lag, no problems, even though D3 downloader denied my downloading becuase my labtop did not meet the minimum requirements it works perfectly. First of all games should not deny people the right to download a game becuase they do not meet the minimum requirements, poeple can always lower there settings to fit the game.

*Sorry for any spelling mistake, I hope this will help some people bypass the minimum requirements*