Diablo® III

Slow Motion Gameplay ( Fps Issue )

Well I am really aggrivated now, my system not only meets the MIN required settings but almost all of it meets the RECCOMENDED settings and I cannot play even on the LOWEST resolution with LOW settings.

You recommend core 2 duo 2.4 which is what I have
You recommend 2 gigs of ram which is what I have
You recommend a video card but I have the 8400gs ( I think it meets what you have listed for reccomended )

So explain to me why FPS is so low that I cannot play on even the lowest settings on lowest resolution ?

My current running processes are litterly all closed and down to running the very basic to keep the comp going.
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im having same issues lithic and so are others im also using a core 2 duo 2.4 3 gigs of ram and a 8500gt nvidia geforce which is under the cards selection that are able to run but out of the 3 u would think it would be our cards but ive heard people saying same issue with much better cards and still lag everytime they move on lowest resolution also i thought it was our 2.4's but if u figure your issue lemme know.
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It can't be the 2.4's because they were the recommended CPU for diablo 3 , not the minimum which tell's you that OBVIOUSLY blizzard stress tessed the 2.4 cpu /// 2 gigs of ram // our gfx card before listing it as the recommended hardware setup no ? Or you would think ?

But as it appears these recommended setting's listed are just BS to get more people ot buy the game only to find out the rig cant play it ?
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05/15/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Seqqsy
hey I completely agree with the OP. I have no clue why these clueless blizzard employees who clearly have no clue how to deal with the community are still in charge of this game. I can do what they can 30 million times better holy sht

Agree with me ? I don't believe anywhere in my post I said They were poor at their job's nor that I could do better ? I asked a question ?
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This seems to be related to the Stuttering issue

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I don't think its related they are stuttering at times we cant play AT ALL because of slow-motion and terribly low FPS but our systems meet recommended settings. Im sick of no blizzard post's its the DAY OF LAUNCH OF ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST TITLES and we get no response on any of these topic's saying the game is unplayable?
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Still no word on this slow motion gameplay huh ? You would think that they would have something to say on the matter, or comment on how that their MINIMUM and RECOMMENDED spec's both are lies because i meet even the recommended and yet i have like 10 fps in battle and the game is running in slow-mo and is unplayable. Even on the lowest settings.
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05/15/2012 10:25 PMPosted by Lithic
Still no word on this slow motion gameplay huh ? You would think that they would have something to say on the matter, or comment on how that their MINIMUM and RECOMMENDED spec's both are lies because i meet even the recommended and yet i have like 10 fps in battle and the game is running in slow-mo and is unplayable. Even on the lowest settings.

it must be your computer.. because my vid card is UNDER the required specs and im running about 20 fps in fights. lol
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Right but explain that to me ? My computer meets the recommneded spec's but I cant play ? How does that even possibly make any bit of sense?
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If you are having trouble playing the game on minimal settings, try reducing everything, and ticking everything that will increase performance.
Also reduce the resolution of the game, till you get a smooth game, it might take you going down to 800x600 to play the game without this 'time-lagg'
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GeForce 8400M GS?


Based on that you're clear above my laptop (Mobility Radeon HD 4200), and your other specs are equivalent to mine as well. Are you sure you're running it at low texture detail as well, smaller (and appropriate ratio) screen size, et al? Tried closing unnecessary background programs?
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Go here.. This thread has been up for awhile.. Needs more activity to bring this issue to light:

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Thank you for the responses but if you guy's have read all my post's you would realize that YES

everything is on LOW / Off / I even tried 800x600 with everything off and on low and looking worse than d2 and STILL same issue.

And no its not 8400M GS its not mobile Its a desktop the 8400 gs.

ALL processes are shut down on computer expect the one's needed to run the system. And all my NVIDA settings are set to performance / low / off etc. I know a good deal about computer's and NOTHING will solve this issue the game is pure unplayable.

If they tell me OH HERE ARE REQUIRED SPEC's and your computer will work , than i buy the game and the system DOES not work/run the game isn't there a BIG issue there? They lied about min and recommended spec's ? Thousands of people are having this same issue here.

And thank You Blasphemy but that seems to be a seperate issue so far there are 3 differnt isuses

(Stuttering Frames)
(Slow-Motion Gaming)
(FPS drop over time ending up in Slow-MOtion)

The 2nd option is my problem right from the GET
The 3rd issue is a OVER TIME issue and that sounds more like a (MemoryLeak) somewhere in the game's programming so that the more and more someone play's the Leak become's worse and the system slow's as it tries to keep up.

This is really a huge issue and Im surpised blizzard isnt addressing it, technially that is FALSE advertisment ( Saying come buy our game , we guarntee if you meet X and X req's your system will be able to play ) Yet thousands of people meet these req's and the system CANNOT play the game ?
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I get a TON of slowdown/lag/dropped FPS issues when a lot of mobs are on screen or when a lot of particle effects are going on. I don't have the best computer in the world, but friends with similar or worse specs aren't having any issues at all.

When there are a lot of particle effects (barrels breaking, walls crumbling, etc.) or when there are tons of mobs on screen, my FPS drops to 5-15 or so. My character looks like he's moving in slow motion.

AMD Athlon 64 x2 5400+ 2.8 GHz CPU
nVidia GeForce GTX 260 video card (not the poopy 260M)

Changing the settings to LOW on everything (and lowest resolution) does not help much, if at all.
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05/15/2012 02:29 AMPosted by Lithic
but I have the 8400gs


Hope this helps.
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05/15/2012 11:24 PMPosted by Cway
but I have the 8400gs


Hope this helps.

I would expect nothing less from a WoW tauren player.

The 8400GS was released TWICE if you didn't know ( Don't expect people with low intelligence like yourself to know that )

There was the intial release of the lower rated/slower 8400 gs than EVGA released the 8400gs with far superior memory on the card and overall just a better performance the BENCHMARKING on the newer 8400gs (not new now but newer version) actually is pretty decent and is FAR above the MINIMUM Card's required.

But hey nice try at trolling, must be pretty embarrassing when you cant even accomplish something like TROLLING correctly...lol
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After I opened a ticket explaining the SLOW-motion gameplay and uploaded ALL my log's and included inthere that my video drivers were CLEAN/FRESH wiped/installed twice now. They repsond with ((( Please visit our driver section and follow the steps to update your video drivers ))) THAT was the response after waiting 48 hours and after I already included in the ticket the drivers were all updated twice and i included that and the logs ? Really... lol this company is turning into a joke.

-- You launched the gaming KNOWING of this issue from beta --
-- Time to man up and start the road to the resolution of these issues --
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