Diablo® III

Cannot get your Payment Info (error 3006)

yea same, got that error right after buying an item
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I'm actually getting 3006 after naming and trying to create a character on the full game version...not sure if it's the same error, but it is the same number.
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I just got this after submitting an auction and my item has now disappeared from my inventory and is nowhere to be seen on the auction house..
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Same problem here, I have the retail (physical box) collectors edition.

I was just browsing items and all of a sudden it said no items found no matter what I searched, then all of a sudden it said cannot get payment info. Now anytime I click the AH it comes up.

Completely shut out of AH, please help blizz o.o;; <3
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Was this error fixed or a workaround posted? I just started getting it now.
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Just started to play today and am getting same error 12:38 PM EST. Full version of game Digital download.
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Same here .of I spam it ,it seems to have a 5% chance of letting me browse but still cant buy/sell
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same problem, error 31024
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Same msg. When i checked my auctions all of them are gone! None of them went to my bags, no gold, and all history of auctions is all gone as well. Like the whole slate got wiped cleaned.
May 26th, 11:42 AM (CST)
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05/26/2012 09:41 AMPosted by Peag
Same here .of I spam it ,it seems to have a 5% chance of letting me browse but still cant buy/sell

Working full time now but can't move anything from the auction house to my stash
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still not working
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same here. i spend some gold buying a few items, but the msg poped, so i relogged. When i logged in, i found all those items are not in the complete list, but my gold are gone...i was like wth was going on,i restarted the client n i logged on, still no luck,,,WE NEED HELP IN HERE...
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Apparently we were supposed to get a response days ago about this issue, glad to see it come back.
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full version digital,
i had this problem a couple times before maybe yesterday or the day before when the auction house was acting up, just when i click auction house sometimes it comes up with the error in question then closes it.
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Full version, getting issues with Auction House NA.

I've lost money and my items in the AH aren't even showing up. I understand you guys are working on fixing the AH issues but please a little more feedback from you guys helps a lot.

Letting us know that it's being looked into and such makes us feel we aren't being ignored.

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Bump, just started getting this. Can't connect to AH now...constant 31024: cannot get your payment info

then again there are massive issues with thre AH now so I guess this post is pointless lol
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Same here. Click on the AH and that error pops up. Full version digital.
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I have the same Error here. What is going on with !@#$ blizzard again!
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