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In-Game Delay / Command Lag Issue


I have just installed the game and, for some reason, it does not respond immediately to my mouse or to the keyboard buttons I press. There's always a small delay, which is very annoying. When I pass the mouse over menu buttons, they should light up in the very same moment my mouse entered the button area, but they just light up a little afterwards (a bit over a second later?).

I couldn't find any other threads about this issue: is anyone else having the same problem? How do I fix this?

Thanks in advance to anyone who reads / answers.
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It's server lag.
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Even in the menus before I log in?
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Same issue, def not a server lag problem. This is a video card problem. I am experiencing the same on a card that should work flawlessly.

In game, im getting about 1 frame per sec while running. Utterly unplayable, and extremely frustrating.

Note that this computer runs SC2, WoW, and any other damn game on the market today flawlessly
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we need the "reduce input lag" option like on wow to fix this.. idk why blizzard wouldnt have put that in the option list :'(
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bump for a !@#$ing blizzard response on ONE OF THESE %^-*!@# THREADS!?
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A small delay?
My lag is more than 3000ms..
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@ChainsawARaw: I also don't believe this is a server issue. It happens before I log into my account. At the same time, I am 100% sure my video card is ok and its drivers are up to date (in spite of the message Diablo 3 shows me saying they aren't).

@Merkadis: I didn't play WoW, but an option like this would really come in handy. It is not unplayable for me as it is now, but it is definitely far from optimal or from what I expected for a 10+ years development.

@Deteriorate: I don't even think this is related to server latency, it's a local issue that's probably being caused by something inside the game. But the fact that I an not the only one having these problems kind of confirms it's not on my end.

Thanks for the replies, guys. Let's keep posting here to see if Blizzard takes notice and fixes this.
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My friend, do u find any possible for the problem?
I've tried to log in and out for more than 20 times (in spite of the eternal 37 or 75) and begged god for blessing, but nothing helped.
I'm dying waiting for solution..
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Unfortunately, no solution so far. I can't even play the game as of now since Blizzard is doing maintenance on their servers for almost 2 hours already =/.
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I !@#$ing Give Up...
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