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HELP! Error code: BLZPTS00002

I click "run" to install D3 and a window pops up saying "checking for updates" and then the error message appears: "we could not connect to battle.net patch service. Please check your internet connection and try again. Error code: BLZPTS00002"

Obviously I have internet connection as I'm on this forum right now.

I've tried:
- checking/unchecking boxes in the LAN settings
- running MISCONFIG and closing all background applications
- installing in Safe Mode with Networking
- switching on/off my windows and anti-virus firewall

I've also tried installing from the CD and from the digital download file.

anyone got any other ideas?
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i am having this problem as well....
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Me too :s
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When this problem arises...its because you have secondary logon disabled..!

Go to services.msc and scroll down to secondary logon and set it to automatic...i had same problem this afternoon...after i enabled it everything installed fine..!
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29 Undead Mage
Didn't work :)
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i forgot to mention u need to restart comeputer to take effect..!
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Same error here, none of the google-able solutions work for me :\
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UPDATE: It just worked for me on like 10th try without any further interference of mine, apparently just servers overload then...
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have you had the beta, if so try and clean out everything assosiated with it, seems ppl are having a few install issues when they had it - if not i have no idea lol :P
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I got this error early this morning: BLZPTS00002

I was thinking maybe the servers were just jammed so I left to try again in a few hours. No luck until I realized what was going on.

A heads up to people that may have nothing but Diablo on the mind like myself and may not have noticed programs like Pe er Bl ock or similar, which I didn't even want to use 10 minutes after I installed, anyways I forgot to shut it down and it was the only thing holding me back Lol.

Hope everyone else gets their problems worked out today.
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I was never a beta tester and I don't think I have PeerBlock?? The computer is pretty much brand new and I definately haven't installed that. I'll give services.msc a try.

Other than that I guess I'll just try again tonight after work and hopefully it's just a server overload thing...
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Same problem, I have never had a problem installing a game befor or an online one. I have a question, how many people having this problem brought the collectors because my bro brought the standard version and it works fine. he hasnt seen anyone with the collectors on there yet.
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alright, i have fixed my error BLZPTS00002, i uninstalled my anti virus nortons and re installed it and now its working so i belive its a firewall ting, but it is installing verry slow.

sorry for the spelling misteaks. p.s i know nothing about computers just pissed and trying everything but its working for me.
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I disabled my firewall and it worked as well
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hey,i have the same problem on my macbook,but firewall is disabled.Maybe server is too busy?
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Solved my problem! My router had its own hardware firewall. I had to log into my wireless router and open the TCP/UDP ports to enable the installation disc to connect to the internet. If you've tried absolutely everything under the sun and still can't get it to work, I suggest doing this. You've got to know the log in for your router though. Once logged in, go to your firewall options and open the ports (configurations found here: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-configuration-for-blizzard-games).

goodluck!! :-)
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I had the error as well but i didn't uninstall my norton or anything with my firewall. I had the diablo cd in and went to battlenet. Went to add games and typed in the cd key and then opened up the installer again and it worked. But it does take ages to install.
I suggest walking away doing something else only to check on now and then. My install stopped at 18% and my brothers stopped at 50% Then we tried again and now were both playing.
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I finally found a solution after 2 days. I realized while firefox works, IE wont load any pages as if i had no connection. Since battle.net relies on IE i looked for a solution and found this:


Oh, and before you hit fix, remember to write down the data in "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)". As in the IP adresses. Hope it works for you
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