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Played A Warlock In WoW

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should i go for the witch doctor in this? i also played a bit of a necromancer in guild wars
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Play whatever you're interested in.
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doing that is hard because I'm interested in both the Demon hunter and witch doctor....although i want to devote more time to one character instead of dividing it up
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Austin, I'm having the same problem with the same character selections. I would suggest playing both to the skelly king and then deciding on which you'd like to progress with.

Right now, I'm going with Witch Doctor (an was only able to play for a couple hours this morning before work) and am loving it.
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Witch doctor has some bad A direct dmg spells like fire bats and spirit barrage. That would closely resemble your warlock in WOW with teh fire dmg. With that said, you probably spent countless hours playing your warlock and want to change things up a little with the demon hunter. Unfortunately your not relying on magic, but mostly melee based abilities so it is completely opposite of your warlock.

I am making a witch doctor on regular and demon hunter on hardcore. I hate bows/crossbows though, so I am making a demonhunter without equipping their best items via abilities like grenade and fan of knives lol.
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I Didn't play WoW That long(i tried to return to it with A Blood Elf Warlock opposed to my undead warlock when i first got into WoW but that didn't last any longer...so i didn't get to that high of a level but i did get that void monster and imps)

as for Demon Hunter well she reminds me of castlevania Van Helsing and Sir Arthur(A Pure Keep Away Character I Used In MVC3/UMVC3)I Sometimes use keep away characters in Fighting games so she seems like an interesting choice
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Hah, fellow keepaway player!
Deadpool/Hawkeye/Sentinel is a great keepaway team...

Aaanyway, WD is good at kiting too, and you seem to like the dark summony archetype.
DH is awsome too. It's basically Hawkeye XF lv3 with some skills ;)

Play both for a bit and see what feels better.
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i see your keep away team and raise you ironfist wolverine and akuma. in your face !@#$ your %^- team
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i just wish The Demon hunter had the variety of abilities that the witch doctor has
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There are only 5 classes mate, easy to play each one at some point and time :P. But the With Doctor is the first class for me to play ( honestly i like his structure more then the D2 Necro). With the Demon Hunter and Barbarian tied for second, Wizard and the Monk last ( though i have little interest in the Monk).
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If you liked the necromancer in Guild Wars you will probably like the Witch Doctor. One of his core skills is to summon things to attack people for you. I found it to be similar in that sense, but much more high paced (which is just what Diablo is).
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