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Purchase digital copy and send as gift?

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, but I didn't know where else to ask.

Is it possible to purchase another digital copy of D3 and gift it to a friend of mine through my own account?

It says from my battle.net that my license limit has been reached. But I want to purchase a copy for a RL friend.
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I also am trying to do this and encountering the same problem. Want to gift someone a digital edition but it tells me I cant
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Same. Hey Blizzard, we want to make you more money. How about a hand here?
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It's a shame this is yet to be resolved I want to sent my friend a copy also.
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damn i hope this get fixed or something well they would get more money out of it :/
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actually what you can do is.

Create a B.net account for him and use that B.net account to buy the digital copy.

after you have done then just give your friend the b.net account

Hope this helps.
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My friend already has a bnet account. How can I buy the game and gift it to them? I tried to buy it from my account (after reading the store faqs about gifting) and it brought me to my games page and said I had the maximum number of licenses.
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Ditto - in the same boat - want to gift a copy to someone who already has a Battlenet account so the option of creating a Battlenet account for them and they buying it in that account and then giving them the Battlenet account won't work
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This has been a pretty big feature on Steam. I'm surprised more companies have not caught on. Not even EA, with it's insistence on using a competitive digital downloader, has implemented it as an option.

There's nothing greater than being able to buy a digital copy for a friend, instantly sending it to their account, and the next time they check their email it alerts them. Actually, Steam is even better, because a notification pops up when they sign into the service. Instant gratification.

If it's not already obvious, I came upon this thread because I was hoping to find an option to do this via Battle.net as well. It's sad to see that this is not something Blizzard has tapped into yet.
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Hi, I'm adding votes to the request for a Gift system.
I want to buy a copy for my brother, but I couldn't find an easy way to do it =S
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having the same issues here ....
Can't go grab a physical copy for a friend in canada ... lot easier to gift digitially
I know its doable since the wow pets can be gifted
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same here. we used a guest pass for my wife and to upgrade is $30 more than if I purchase a retail digital copy. go figure......so tired of this BS aussie tax for stuff that costs you nothing extra to sell over the internet
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bump. blizzard / battle.net needs a proper gift system
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Wow, is this a joke? This hasn't been resolved yet? I want to get a digital copy as a surprise gift for my brother, but it would appear I can't... Ridiculous.
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Uuuuuugh. WE DEMAND MORE GIFTING ABILITIES. Ridiculous that I can't surprise my dad with a game because I have to have him setup the account with me...
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I was hoping to do this as well. there really isn't a way this can be done? =/
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Actually, and I'm not saying I actually did this, because it could violate some user agreement stuff, but what if hypotetically, my friend were to give me his bnet account and password, so that i can then login using that, make the purchase on his account, and just log off after deleting any CC or payment info from being saved in the account?

Obviously a gift feature would be very nice, but if you are buying the game for a friend, i hope he should trust you enough with his bnet account...
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I also want to do this! Come on, Blizzard! Implement this and take my money!
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