Diablo® III

Purchase digital copy and send as gift?

Blizzard.. get with the times and do this already.
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So, interestingly enough I can gift it if I don't already own it. Why does this not make sense?
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:( I haz a sad. I wanted to gift SC2-HOTS to my wife. This thread started a year ago and no blue-post yet. Ef-me and such.
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blizzard should be ashamed of themselves... I guess I will drive to my friend's house and give him 40 bucks cash and he can buy HoTS himself?
... Yes this would be a good feature, just like steam has. If I am mistaken and we can do this, please inform me how and I will gladly give you my money.
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it really sucks to because ive bin playing this game and finally earned enough money to gift my friend the game but its all on my battle.net account "figuring i could just gift it to him" so now were both out of luck? why not it would be just so simple and blizzard would gain more profit
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Bump c:
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Over a year and 50 posts. My brother's birthday is in a week. He's got a laptop without cd/dvd drive. I can't even buy him a box copy of the game. Is this the only way to request support with an issue with Blizzard now? I can't find a number, and email address a form to fill out with a problem.
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I have a friend who wants to buy my other friend a gift of Diablo 2 and the expansion - and I was sent out to do the reasearch and CANT FIND ANYTHING! Blizzard can you PLEASE respond?!
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Seriously .... all it takes it ten minutes to read through these CUSTOMERS posts and atleast ATTEMPT a solution through response!! Ridiculous! Do you guys over there at Blizzard Entertainment even give a damn about all of the supporting consumers who dump their paychecks and saved lunch money into your games? Seriously, you owe it to us - atleast a response on this topic. It's so stupid, I wonder if you ment to do it this way? If not, then why not fixing ?!?! I don't know.. but I do know that you guys have alot of nerve ignoring these CUSTOMERS, these FANS, who want to throw more money your way and you wont even give any of us the time of day to clear things up and shed some light on the situation.

...and to think I've defended you guys for such a long time now. Ugh this makes me sick. IDK how many times I've disagreed with statements like "Blizz doesnt care about you" and I stood up for you. Thought this was a community. No. This is a customer - business relationship.. Shame on you people who call yourselves Community Reps!~

Mephisto#1359 AKA Necro1269
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I believe Amazon is selling it cheaper currently, probably a lot easier to gift it through their services.
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I too would do this if I was able to, you should seriously look into this your passing up a very good opportunity.
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Bump. Same problem.
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1.log to battle.net account
2.go to https://eu.battle.net/shop/en/ or https://us.battle.net/shop/en/
3.choose the game
4.and next tu buy you have GIFT , its by every item....

cant believe after this long nobody find it, i checked it in 10min after reading this forum page and bought my gf wow

have a nice day
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Thanks prevoCrowU!
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Where exactly does it say that? All I see next to Diablo 3 is Buy Now and Try.
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