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Can I install Diablo 3 on multiple computers?


My mac is in the shop for repairs for the next week or so and I've installed D3 on my desktop to play till I get it back, I plan on uninstalling it once my mac is back, will I still be able to play it?
I would like to know this as well. I haven't tried it yet, but I want to know if I can install it both on my desktop and laptop, but obviously only be logged in with one or the other.
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Yes you can. It says so right in the EULA. Helps to read things when you agree to them.

Basically? The media is free. You pay for the license to your account.
Considering the game client has no value and provided free on Blizzard's site, of course you can install it on more than one computer.
Yes you do not activate the install, there is no code tied to the software on a machine. Your key is tied to your account which can log in from any copy of D3 on any computer.
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What about saved games? can it be used on both computers?
I'm pretty sure the saves are server side to stop hex editing.
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yes you can install on as many computers as you want. You can only log on from one computer at a time and all saves are on the server, so all your characters and saves follow you to any computer you use.
Sweet I was wondering the same.... At home I can play on my 42" screen but at work I can play with my handy projector... I can herdly wait to get to work and project d3 on the whole wall..
I think u just full of S... cuz it dosn't work that way... I installed Diablo 3 on other computer and my saves have not show up whenever I logged on to my acc... Can somebody explain that?!
If you install your Diablo 3 on another computer but your characters arn't showing up, go into the options/account and make sure your on the correct area server.

I have been playing on my laptop while i was away on holiday and when i got back to install Diablo on my main computer i had the same trouble intill i released it had automatically set me on American servers instead of EU which is where my toons are.
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I just tried this, installed D3 on my laptop has I wanted to see if I could run it there and ended up going through a password reset. What gives ?
Tomorrow I'll try to run it on my PC again, wonder if it'll lock my account again. If that's the case we might be able to run on different computers but we'll have to go to big hassle to get it to run every time.
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There is a security feature that detects any changes to your login pattern. So what you experienced with the password reset was normal. It will eventually learn your pattern and stop doing it.
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Yes you can. It says so right in the EULA. Helps to read things when you agree to them.

Basically? The media is free. You pay for the license to your account.

Don't be a turd Thunderwulf. The vast majority of people don't have time to read 15 page EULAs every time they update the terms.
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