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Tyrael inspired by Jesus?

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Am i the only one who draws a similarity between the lore? they're not exactly the same, but someone from heaven coming to save humanity...
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Not even a little bit. In fact Tyrael first appeared on Sanctuary to cause as much chaos as possible so that the Angiris Council (along with other Angels) would have little resistance from Sanctuary's potential defenders.
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no not really. the diablo 3 universe does not have anything that parallels the concept of a truly Divine God. So no not in that respect. But there is another parallel that i have seen. In a biblical sense the archangel Michael would be more of a fit.


yes its Wikipedia and yes its a wall o' text but take the time to read it.
the gist i get is that Michael is in various faiths a champion of humanity and very much active in the affairs of men as well as steadfast in the fight against evil and his fallen brethren.
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Jesus inspired by countless stories that are exactly the same with different names in many cultures?
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no but his appearance explains why you can't see his face with the hood on
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Thrall was definitely inspired by Jesus.
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Tyrael inspired by chuck Norris?
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05/15/2012 10:32 PMPosted by Ishumage
Thrall was definitely inspired by Jesus.

Jesus, in the biblical mythology, is certainly a shaman. Think about it...

  • Walks on water.
  • Self-rez, but with a long cooldown.
  • Heals.
  • Melts faces with lightening.
  • Likes to wear sandals and leather.

However the archetypes are different. Thrall is a "neutral good" character in the WoW mythology, whereas Jesus is a "lawful good" character in the biblical mythology.

I agree that Tyrael is "visually" more of an archangel, but again, similarities end there. Tyrael is closer to "chaotic good" (only cares about justice, does not care about the laws) whereas Michael the Archangel is "lawful neutral". Michael is merely an obedient servant to the deity in the biblical mythology, so has no moral component, but always follows the dictates of the deity.
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I didn't read all of the responses but I was at the launch event on Monday night and Jay Wilson specifically mentions how the running theme throughout the game is 'Sacrifice' and 'sacrificing your own ability to do good for the sake of others.' Those were his literal words.

Now, its arguable whether he/the D3 team got this inspiration/idea directly from a Biblical nature, but its hard to deny there must have been SOME influence.
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Tyrael is heavily inspired to Archangel Michael

Michael is:
- Archangel
- Warrior
- wield a sword (and sometimes is represented only by it: "the sword of god")
- he comes to fignt and defeat the Evil
in the beginning (the defeat and the fall of the rebels)
in the end (the Day of the Judgement)


but Tyrael is also inspired to Prometheus for his trust in humanity

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05/15/2012 03:27 PMPosted by Lumacman
no not really. the diablo 3 universe does not have anything that parallels the concept of a truly Divine God.

Well, one could say that Anu (http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Anu) parallels the concept of a truly Divine God jus as well as Tathamet (http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Tathamet) parallels the concept of a truly evil being much like Satan.

So the comparison still stands, I think.
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There will always be parallels with the Bible when you make lore around Heaven versus hell.

I would say Tyrael is more like a mix of Jesus and Michael. His angelic characteristics are like Michael but taking on the form of a mortal in order to save humanity is like jesus
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