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Im getting booted radomely too. this didnt happen in beta to me.
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One more victim of error 3007. And 317002 too.
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First day, Blizzard will fix it, they always have connection issues, they're to cheap to buy enough servers to handle the amount of players until they get a f**k tone of complaints... give them a few days to get there !@#$ together
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Best game ever... oh wait, i havent effin played it yet
Getting this also. I hope the maintenance is solving this
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Yeah I'm also getting Error 3007. I can't play more than a few minutes

No other games having any connection issues. No issue with my router.

Game is fail.
i am also getting error 3007, i play for 5 min then it disconnects me wtf is with this game?
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I got a 3007 and I was just standing in queue waiting for a server. Meh, maybe I'll just wait until tomorrow.
ya im getting it too thought they fixed the bugs lol owell theres aways another day
same thing happens to me too......annoying!
Same here random booting from game followed by character screen then a 3007. Really annoying cant even stay in long enough to make to check points.
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I played for a few hours last night with no problems (once i finaly got in the game) but since the mantinece ive been getting the 3007 error every few minutes
I won't even let me login. I've tried numerous times and I still keep getting that same error (3007)
I can only play for like 4 minutes before it says Error 3007
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Can't even enter the game for the first time, HELLO?? Blizzard?? At least acknowledge the problem so we know you are working on it!
How long will it take for them to fix ERROR 3007???!? I was all worked up to play and now I can not stay in the long enough to enjoy it X(
I have a same issue...error 3007...:\
Me too... Why does it matter about the network connection if I am playing single player. I agree with you guys, it has to be a blizzard problem... I will play a little while longer, but if they dont fix it, I want a refund... The game is awesome, and we've been waiting long enough so what is another few months?

What do you guys think about a refund, if they cant fix it ASAP? Heck, I'll buy it again at Walmart in 6 mos for 29.95. LOL.... ;-)
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Hello? (tap tap...) Is this thing on??
I have been having this issue all day besides when the servers were down.

I submitted a ticket, I will post up any replies if I get a response. I am wondering if any of you have deleted your hiberfil.sys file? I wonder if that may be causing it. Just a wild guess.
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