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Debating on WD vs Wizard

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I really want to play a WD as my main, but I kind of feel like the Wizard is way more powerful (just basing this on the beta which is all I have to go by). I've always enjoyed playing a character with pets (Necro in D2, Warlock in WOW). How do you higher level WDs feel so far? Does it feel underpowered?
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i would say (based on beta) that indeed the wizard is much more powerful.
The reason is that the WD has way more tools. If they had the same power, but the WD gets pets, it wouldnt be a hard choice, eh?

The wizard does have some awesome tools later in the game it seems. Slow, freeze etc. but wizards have to kite. WDs have pets to tank for them

personal preference, i like them both a lot
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Right now... play Wizard. I just played WD/Wizard side by side with my friend.

WD felt like... constantly being OOM, constantly watching my dogs die, having useless abilities like Sacrifice and Circle of Life (seriously, how did this abysmal passive make it into the game? Has anyone come up with a creative, viable use for CoL?) along with moderately-useful cooldowns like Horrify, and short range AOE...


Incredibly powerful long-range arcane orb AOE, reliable frost nova and ray of frost CC, reliable diamond skin defensive cooldown, good frost armor set-and-forget defensive bonus.

Maybe I'm just jelly, but right now I don't have much desire to take Witch Doctor any further. Probably rerolling tonight.

EDIT: As an edit... I love pet classes as well. But these dogs feel seriously underpowered right now. I think "Where the eff did my dogs go?" was my most-uttered phrase last night.
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Wizard: Purply energy hurling sissy
Witch Doctor: Badass voodoo using zombie summoning badass

You choose :P
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WD underpowered? Who are you kidding here. You go on and try soul harvest + long range fire bats. Only combo you ever need to win this game + dogs are awesome meat shield so you don't even have to kite. Ezmode.
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witchdocter ftw all im saying
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