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This is rediculous


The game has been playable since about 1am PDT until the last few hours because they are fixing some critical issues.

Idk where your playing but since launch I've been able to play exactly 4 hours. Two of them of which were spent repeating all of act one because for some reason my quest line is reset....

Couldn't get on until 3am Eastern time, played til 6am Eastern ... and I'll be generous and say I've gotten an hour of play time since 11am when I logged back in. Where are you that your playing since 1am last night?
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OMG Tuesday maintenance?!? This never happens in any blizzard game.
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lol and when the game comes back up youll sucking their @*@% !@#$ and quit crying
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You've had 12 years to perfect a game, and this is what you produce? That's pathetic. Paying $60 for a worthless miniature frisbee, has got a lot of people pissed off. You force people to be online when they play a single player game, without option. This is bad for business. No matter what kind of great experience I may have with this game, I will never buy another title that has your company name on it.
You all should read your Code of Conduct. See those last 5 words before it says click here? Maybe they should be applicable to your company QA.
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I don't see the whole issue with the game, i can play perfectly fine and i'm not having any issues
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I agree to the fact that few if any online games have smooth launches and at least some people aren't pissed and threatening to leave.

On the other hand, they took the opportunity to make it an online game so they can use their auction house to make even more money.

I've played the first two with rarely ever going online. Must the third be so difficult.
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They're applying and testing fixes for several issues. It's not a stress issue necessarily.

Support Information Administrator

Thanks for the update. Pissing and moaning helps no one people. If you want to vent, go use FaceBook.
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Lol.....everyone crying is funny.....

Bet you guys/gals are regretting taking the day off work/faking sick to get out of school....

Cry more, this pleases me...
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Really guys, 3:30?
I've been waiting since midnight last night, you had these same problems since october in beta, it's absurd to claim that you cant predict the stress when you did stress tests the whole time, you knew how many people were purchasing the game, and failed to prepare.
Maybe if you hadn't had this problem with all of your games since WoW people would be forgiving, but you have.

Since youre the most important player in the game im sure blizz will fix things just because youre an unhappy butterfly !

apparently this is the only topic this guys seen, more then half the community cant even install.that is a problem.
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So when I buy any other product be it cars, guns, electronics, anything mass produced really if something is wrong with it the manufacturer finds some way to compensate for my losses. After buying this and finding out the game is broken what can we expect for Blizzard to do? Most likely nothing, not only that we'll get to have these broken server issues day in and day out and i can guarantee they won't give us any money back nor will there be any free content releases we'll still have to pay for dlc to keep their "glorious" servers running since they don't make enough money already off other titles to at least fix the problems that they have from one game to the next. After this many years of operation Blizzard should know how to release a game and do it right the first time and not have to sell us a broken product then just apologize every day until they finally fix it. In case any Blizzard employees read this keep your notes on how to fix things and share them with the producers from one game to the next that way it isn't 30 hours to fix something its only 30 minutes.
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i just want them to put up on their news feed what problems they are trying to fix. I think that would put alot of peoples minds at ease. Just from reading the forums this seems to be the list of problems:

1. lots of lag
2. cant download
3. missing achievements/characters/items
4. causing peoples computers to freeze/turn off

Not everyone is tech savy, some people just want to play this game and dont understand about server stress and the logistics of launching a game. But it would still be nice if the company would put everyones minds at ease and let people know that all there problems will be met
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05/15/2012 02:34 PMPosted by Captnstabbn
cry more you frothy mouth !@#$ing retards. the servers were unstable for about an hour after launch last night. then they were up for 9 hours. then they went down again for maintenance,. just because you weren't involved in the first 15 hours of a game's existence doesnt mean you get a free ticket to come on the forum and cry like a child. shut the %^-* up.

I agree. Give it a rest guys. The game JUST released. No amount of beta testing will make a program, as sophisticated as a video game that connects to servers world wide, work right out of the gate. I'll bet most of the people that played the beta and found a bug, didn't even report it... so shut it.

And stop harassing Blue's customer service. There are already posts about installation issues, connection issues, etc.. Follow the steps they've provided before calling them, because those are the steps that will fix the bulk of the issues people will be having. And besides, if you haven't done the steps, they'll tell you to do them and call back.
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"you should have given us the ability to play offline....... i took the day off work for this???? FAIL LAUNCH!! FAIL LAUNCH!!!! FAIL LAUNCH!!!! one more time with feeling now FAIL LAUNCH!!!!!!"

god dont put blame on blizzard cause you took a freaking day off to play a game ! shame on you for doing such a stupid thing ! ill never miss a day of work for a game what is that kind of thinking? the game will be there tomorow why u absolutly have to play 24/24 lol
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05/15/2012 02:35 PMPosted by Kudagra
Solution: Let a single player game be just that an offline single player game with an online option...morons

There are multiple major reasons why this can not be so, 'moron'.
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05/15/2012 02:30 PMPosted by Sephrinx
Gotta figure out how to install it some how, because, you know, it doesn't just work like a normal game should. Why did you release this?

Lol, people have already figured out how to run D3 in Wine on Linux Boxes and you can't get the game installed?
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I can't even login anymore now.

At least last time I could go to character select and use the chat.
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"I don't get to play a game the second that it's released! Woe is me!"

The only thing that is ridiculous here is you. Have you never had any exposure to online gaming before in your entire life? On launch the game is expected go down and crash several times. Don't get jimmies in a knot because you skipped school today only to find you won't be able to play the game that your mom bought you.

Cool your jets.

I don't think it's too much to ask to be able to simply install the game. I know the game itself is practically broken in it's current state, and I'm fine with that - as you said, it's to be expected of Blizzard, er MMOs. But to not even be able to install the game with the disc you bought? Someone's gotta be stuck on stupid.
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05/15/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Thexwarlock
Solution: Let a single player game be just that an offline single player game with an online option...morons

There are multiple major reasons why this can not be so, 'moron'.

Enlighten me?
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