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Characters deleted?

I know due to all the current crap nobody will ever listen to or read this, but after the server shutdown my level 19 Demon Hunter is now gone. What the !@#$. Gives.
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mine too homie... lvl 25 deleted and all my achievements
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I'm scared now.. If my monk is gone when the servers go back up I'll be pissed, 7 hours last night getting to lv 21.
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Your characters may still be there and be okay, just not accessible right now. Wait until they get the servers back up from this maintenance and check again.

I hope that's the case for you guys.
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It's a little know fact that even the "Softcore" portion of the game has a "Hardcore" component: characters may be deleted at random any time before they reach level 60. Didn't you read the TOS/EULA?
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What region are you all playing in? It seems like for some reason my game set the default region to The Americas instead of Europe (I live in Europe) so my character is missing because the USA servers are down.
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Hmm, which is why I won't even log in until another week, when they hopefully have all the "Launch Bugs" fixed.

That is, of course, assuming I can get the digital download to go past ELEVEN PERCENT before crashing.
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I play in Europe and it is set to Europe, so unfortunately that can't be the problem :\
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they prolly brought the servers back down because of that reason that characters were gone from the update SO they brought the servers down and prolly restarted from the last known good backup. and seriously you are gonna be mad cause you lost 7 hours on a character ? Last time I checked on my character I had 9 barbarian's made because when i was trying to create this morning I kept gettting a time out message.
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Mad about losing 7 hours? Um....yeah? Quite? I don't have that much time at the minute because of exams so my time actually matters to me.
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