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While this whole "error 37" fiasco, it makes me wonder again *why* Blizzard decided to make this online only. Sure, I understand security and such, but I can't be the only person in the world who will want to play this when at a place that's not connected to the internet... like on a cruise ship or just chillin' at Starbucks.

So, Blizzard - is there any way at all, that a future patch or allowance can be made to allow offline play of Diablo 3?


Regardless, I am over an hour into trying to simply log in to the game. It's a bit frustrating, honestly.
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With the amount of free downloads for the game that is out there right now, it would be baffling to see Blizzard have an "offline" version of the game you can get into, the point of having to connect is to verify that you actually bought the game as opposed to downloading it off another website, otherwise no one would really need to buy the game
sucks server is crashing but in a couple days the issue should more or less disappear
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I expect an offline crack soon
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They had an offline portion for D2, and you could take your offline character to and online character if you wanted to play with others. Why couldnt they have dont that.
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I have a few programs which authenticate *if* you are connected to the internet. if you are not, not it simply runs. Now, the amount of people willing to go offline for hours on end simply to play a cracked version - I feel - has got to be not that many. I don't care that it has an authenticator, but if it does not log-in - let me play offline. When I can log in, then update the servers with all my play info.

Anyways... I continue to play one of my new favorite games... called "Error 37".
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Unless it's a control game?

1) You should read up on NAT(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAT) or the TCP/IP loopback address(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ The loopback is how I used to transfer items with d2.

2) The whole setup is silly as DRM. It affectedly gives the less then moral a easy way to directly rip the server program from Blizard, or a nice shiny API to write their own. I'm not sure why that passed the smell test.
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JUST LOGGED IN! try it now guys!
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