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Fps Stuttering

90 Human Priest
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I'm getting constant FPS stuttering when playing the game. I have tried messing around with various settings in game and out and cannot find anything that fixes it. I am running a Nvidia GTX 460 card. Anyone else have this same issue?
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FPS stuttering as in choppy/lagging FPS?

Coincidentally, I have same GPU as you and I do get some FPS lag/choppiness when entering combat with a lot of monsters around.
88 Tauren Paladin
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yeah im getting it to its real laggy died like 3 or 4 times because of it
100 Night Elf Warrior
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Played in beta and had no issues with stuttering/latency.
I get it just running around with 1 creature on the screen.

Now its its just unplayable as it is.
Video card: NVidia 260 GTX with latest drivers
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100 Human Paladin
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Same here. I noticed it's only as soon as I use abilities, but not with every cast. Kind of weird. I have a Sapphire 6970, and tried with different configs, but can't get rid of that.

AMD Phenom II x4 810 2.60ghz
Sapphire HD 6970 graphics
AMD Catalyst 12.4 (even tried installing the 12.4a fix; didn't change a thing)
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
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Yeah, same thing here. It was like this in Beta and I hadn't played beta for awhile. Was hoping it would have been sorted out between then and release. Seems it's still the same. Thought it was just me. Hopefully there is some sort of fix/tweak we can apply.

Running in windowed mode full screen seems to alleviate the issue somewhat, but it's still there.

Anyone reading this, not have a problem?
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Also have a 460. Same issues. What drivers are you guys using?
80 Orc Warrior
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Using catalyst 12.3 here
90 Human Priest
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I have the latest drivers, 296.10. I have stuttering no matter where I am and even worse around monsters. The 460 is way beyond what should be needed to run this game perfectly. i am most disappointed.
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This was in the beta as well, we were told it was fixed. Well Guess what...
85 Draenei Paladin
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I'm having the same issue. Had it in beta as well. I have GTX 460 with latest driver.
Same issue here. It stutter alot. i5 2500k / GTX 570
100 Troll Druid
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Same issue.
90 Human Priest
Posts: 15
While I hate to see others having this issue, I'm glad to see it isn't an isolated problem. Hopefully we may hear from blizzard soon.
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How are they going to fix it? like they're going to release a patch or something??
90 Human Priest
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With all the other issues + game breaking bugs out, you should expect a patch fairly soon. Whether or not that patch will fix this issue is another story entirely.
85 Dwarf Hunter
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I too am getting stuttering

i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz
16GB ram
GTX 680 2GB video
Asus Xonar STX sound
Game running off a SSD
Win7 Ult 64

The game is locked at my monitors refresh rate (120hz) but when simply running around town and not even in combat it will periodically stutter. The odd thing is it only seems to happen outdoors. I don't really see any stuttering inside dungeons or interiors.

It doesnt make it unplayable, just highly annoying. I'm used to games running buttery smooth.

edit: it stutters inside too, just less noticable I guess because I am not running long distances continuously as much. When it stutters the fps drops from 120 to ~110 or so, but it feels like the entire game freezes for about 0.1 seconds. I have also tried enabling the in-game vsync (instead of using nvidia's adaptive vsync) which limits the FPS to 60 (even though I have a 120hz monitor which is weird..) and when I do there I actually get some slight screen tearing on top of the stuttering so I'll stick with nvidia's vsync.
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Getting the jitter on the ATI Radeon 6900M as well i just updated the drivers and i am getting it from just walking around.
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I am also getting a bunch of stuttering. I had it from day one of the beta even but everyone reassured me (including Blizzard) that this issue had been fixed in the retail build. Guess not!

We were told that the problem was due to the game getting confused thinking that your client still needed various data (sounds, animation routines, spell effects) so every time something new happens, the game stutters for a second while the data streams from the server. I'd link the thread with the blue response but it appears to have been deleted in the last 24 hours.

This problem also tends to occur on higher-end hardware.

i7 2600k CPU
GTX 570
Windows 7 64
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I also have this stuttering problem whenever there is anything going on really. Sometimes the character even does a double take (as if massive lag) I'm running the game from an SSD too.

I can't even tell whether I pick gold drops up because the delay is sometimes so large.

Really, REALLY annoying problem Blizzard....

Seems worse then the beta to me.

i7 980x
GTX 580
Win7 x64
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