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diablo 3 minimizing itself


I dunno what is happening. it keeps minimizing itself in game and makes me return back to windows. already limit my fps.
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Doesnt seem to be the same issue Kirug.
Its not a crash, more as if you had alt+tab into windows. You can alt+tab back into the game and it is still running. Happens to me all the time. Every 20-40 second) Fixed it by running D3 in windowed mode,BUT it is still jumping to windows, (the sound and mouse dissapers) but by cliking the mouse it comes back.
I have the same problem, about every 10 minutes or so it minimizes, I can get back into the game but it just does it again after a while, it's very frustrating.
Same problem :( What's the solution guys?
I am also getting this happening. It didn't do it on the first couple of days, but yesterday and today it has been. Not sure what has changed, except I have installed a windows update. Maybe something on that has messed with the game.
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I happens to me frequently... My first guess would be from my laptop mouse. If I have my finger scrolling/gliding across the sensor pad and I touch it twice in one instance Diablo 3 minimizes.

I'm going to check the mouse configuration in the control panel to see if I can modify it...?
Happening to me too. Really annoying and looking for answers.
laptop mouse and gaming don't mix???
I get the same thing happening to me. About every 10-30 min it will minimize and I will be at my desktop. NO black screens or issues, I can click back into the game and continue on. It is very wierd.
Same crap happening to me. It randomly minimizes for no reason.
I would say it happens every 5 mins to me
Would this problem be solved through buying an external mouse for my laptop?
have the same problem d3 minimized every 5 min, solution - go to options - video - change - widescreen to widescreen windowed
Aye.. this is kinda VERY annoying..
It just minimizes Diablo 3 all the time.. every odd minute..

It's kina FFS when u play against elites or say Diablo :s..
it'd killed me a few good times..
so Blizz .. feel free to refund me Cash for crap error, or fill my char with sweet gold.. pick one
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i get them too
Has anyone found a solution for this? Mine seens to happen at completely times. Even in normal mode with not much going on screen.

Currently using a Geforce 260.
Update. Been playing for a few hours without it happening. Just disabled my antivirus even though it wasn't scanning.
This is happening with my GT330 too...Tried to set as windowed fullscreen on diablo video option panel. Doesn't happen anymore but lags abit...
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