Diablo® III

First Impressions

Struggled to log on for about an hour.

Once I finally got on all I can say is I am stoked! Almost finished act 1, been playing for about 3 hours (taking my time, i'm in no rush).

Loving is so far, music awesome, pace of the game awesome...loot is wicked, have only lagged slightly and briefly.

I'm waking up an early to finish act 1 before work, and I couldn't be happier.

gg Blizzard.
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Logout so I can login without lag :P
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finished act1, I really ejoyed the game play
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i know most people who play RPGs never explore 100% of the maps...do that to get the full satisfaction of the game...some people spend up to 5-6 hours for the first ACT...others just try rushing through it quickly to get on with the game..!

im 3 hours in and only 4th mission...so i assume im not even half way yet..!
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I am about half way through act 1. It's been brilliant so far imo..
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I have mixed feeling about this game. I like the gameplay and graphics. But the "skilltree" is really weak. Its lost its sense of being about to determine the style of character you want to play. You get given a option and thats it. No choice. Not to mention a crap storyline. I think Torchlight has a better skilltree (storyline just as crap) and I don't know how much Im going to use the auction house. At the moment, I think this has to be Blizzards weakest title so far.
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For anybody who has played Torchlight, does D3 seem very familiar?
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05/15/2012 10:40 AMPosted by Thickshakes
For anybody who has played Torchlight, does D3 seem very familiar
Yes :\
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God guys, the reason Torchlight feels like D3 is because torchlight is basically a rework of D2 made by the same people. D3 is SUPOSED to be like D2 but newer so of course its going to be similar to torchlight
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The skill tree thing is something alot of folk complain about, and I just shrug when they do. What I hated about d2 was that when I played a Caster, I basically played them as a warrior from level 1 - 30 so I didn't waste skills in the incorrect investments.

I mean seriously in Diablo 2 you were even more limited because it became very cookie cutter, as a Developer (NwN micro-server), thats the thing you try and avoid which is what D3's Skill/Rune tree provides. A skill like Bash in Diablo 2 that had no actual use beyond the Synergy boni it gave to other skills in the tree, is now a skill you can successfully pick and use with its runes into the endgame.

This skill tree is actually more complex than Diablo 2's, I look at it and then look at the runes I will have available, and instantly see countless avenues of flexibility and being able to change tactics on the fly when I come up against a boss. I'm very much favor in not having to create a new character everytime I have a different thought about building.

Ramble ramble.
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Im loving it. Getting used to the skills is tricky, but getting there.

about half way through act 3, lvl 25 Demon hunter
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