Loading assets issue continues… I`m really disappointed. There is a known error in the game called "loading assets issue" At least 30 times (maybe more), blue posts (especially in EU forums) said it is a known issue and WILL be fixed in the full game
But no, unfortunately the nightmare continues and it`s killing the game
, we can`t experience smooth gameplay. And it`s even WORSE now than in the beta

It`s 1 or 2 second stuttering while playing, especially when I just enter the game and start playing, using new skills, encountering new monsters.(especially in the big open areas) It`s not about video card because when it doesn`t stutter I get very good frame rate. When it stutters, hard drive runs thus It`s like as if I have not enough system RAM. (Though I have 8 GB Ram, much above the recommendations)

Please note that I play modern games without any problem and I tried reinstalling the changing the installation folder...etc. Nothing solved the problem.

I also defragmented my hard drive.

I hope full game won`t have this issue.

If you need a video, it`s something like that but worse:


If you need my DXdiag information here it is:


My System is:

Asus G73 Laptop: intel i7 2630qm Cpu, 8 Gb Ram, Geforce gtx 460M video card.

*I have the newest sound card and video card drivers.

*I tried to play Diablo 3 beta with lowest settings (including sound channels)

*I downloaded the optimal.

*I have no problem when playing other modern games.
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