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Achievment loss

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I was playing earlier today and got a character (lvl 15 wizard) to act 2. Since then, my computer has been restarted and I played a new barbarian. I've notice that while earlier my total was at 210ish for achievements, it's now at 80. Scavenger was reset (it's unearned and at 5970 despite my account reading a total of over 40000 gold collected), as well as Breaking not so bad. Butchered! and The last of the Horadrem were also reset (as i mentioned i have a character in act 2 currently, they did trip and should definitely still be done), there will be blood also reset, as well gotta catch them all, bloodletting, return to business, steeling with feeling (my blacksmith is still lvl 2), and made to order. Those are all that i can recall having previously. I should mention that it didn't simply reset everything, as i still have heroes of the ages and follow me around despite having not played a co-op game since my computer was restarted and i switched to a new character. I don't expect to have these added back or anything, just mentioning they bugged and hoping they don't end up bugging so badly that they become unobtainable.

Edit: Just noticed the news about maintenance. I'm going to hazard a guess that that was the cause.
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Not sure if this is working as intended or not, but I switched from an Act 2 quest to an Act 1 quest to check something out and when I switched back to where I was I lost a bunch of achievements.

I earned many in the first act and wasn't keeping track, the only two I remember for sure were "Made to Order" and "The Last of the Horadrim". When I went to edit my banner I saw the rewards were no longer unlocked and I lost those achievements.

If I can even get to act 2 I MUST have completed "The Last of the Horadrim", and I've crafted something like 20 items so I know I should still have "Made to Order". This...is probably not intended, right?
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Having the same problem, lost a bunch of achievements and banner awards. This is after that server maintenance.
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I'm having the same problem. I had 110 points worth of achievements before I logged off about an hour ago. Now, after logging back in 5 minutes ago, I only 50 points worth.

EDIT: This all happened after the server maintenance. So I don't think it was the server maintenance that erased them, unless there was another maintenance within the last 1.5 hours.
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