Diablo® III

can't log in

The site says servers are up but I cannot log in. Anoyone else???
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Yes me 2
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90 Human Paladin
Posts: 5
are the servers really up? or just certains regions...i cant log in for goodness sakes
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same, I am unable to click the Log in button
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can't log in as well. Pissing me off!
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I can get to the main menu and fill in my log in informaiton, but the "log in" button is froze and won't lemme click it. Any solutions?
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Still Same Boat
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90 Blood Elf Hunter
Posts: 3
I am having problems getting past the authenticating credentials check. It freezes the login and the whole game stops responding. I've retried several times but without luck
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Posts: 1
same here - login button dimmed out
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Same Issue. Grey Login Button Of Death... Blizzards biggest "Fail"
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No log in, no joy! It sure is a good thing Blizzard kept pushing the release back to make sure bugs didn't happen.
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85 Human Priest
Posts: 271
Anyone who can't even get to the login screen, try this:


05/15/2012 03:57 PMPosted by Clepton
I had the same issues. I disabled peer-to-peer downloading in downloader preferences at the launch menu, then restarted the launcher. Game worked fine after that.
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still cant log in either i have been waiting all day!!!!!
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What blows my mind is that they had how many millions of copies of this game pre-ordered and knew full damn well, how many people were going to be on this......yet they still failed. They should have been ready to go yesterday on this. I can understand a patch or two, but emergency system maint.? FAIL. I should have waited a few weeks to get this game. Then I wouldn't be amongst all the pissed off people raging on here. Oh yeah, I can't log in either.
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Me too
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I cannot click the Log In button. Was thinking they are doing matainance but it seems i am not the only one with this problem. Going to try and reinstall.
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88 Tauren Druid
Posts: 11
i dont have the greyed out login button, when i put my email address, that fixed that. now my thing is that i keep getting the error messages 3005 and 3007. when i press login it never even gets to the crededentials. it wont communicate with the servers. i AM at a tech college so maybe the port is blocked or something? idk. i could sure use a lot of help though.
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No kidding been trying to log in since 10:30am and it 4:15pm now.
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