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Input regarding my Assassin DH


I have various builds I really like for my DH which involve fighting in close range. I know this isn't a "melee" class like a Monk or Barbarian, but it's more of a guerrilla warfare skirmisher in a sense. So please, don't come into this thread bashing me for not using a bow or crossbow, I don't need or want to hear it.

So I like this build I have now because it seems like it will allow me to fuel my abilities decently, and they all are very effective in close quarters. There's still a few abilities I would love to have though; such as Boar or Wold Companion, Healing aid station, Spiked Trap, Marked for Death etc - so it's a hard choice. I'm hoping to have a lot of fun with a 1h weapon and shield, and I think the " Shadow Power: Gloom" rune, Smoke Screen, traps etc will help a lot to make me survival in melee.

I had a lot of questions, but i'll start off with a few.

1. Does "Cull the Weak" work with cold enchanted weapons for the slow effect? If so I think that would be really effective to use that passive with cold weaponry.

2. Are their class specific enchantments that will passively or actively generate discipline or hatred for DH's? I'd like to ditch the Grenades to just attack normally with my sword, but I need a hatred generator somehow.

3. When you choose a Rune, does it change the skill to the new effect, or add the new effect the the original?

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Some DH specific gear, like Cloaks, HXBows, and Quivers will have +hatred/discipline regen stats.

Not sure about Cull the Weak, or how to test it accurately.

Runes are usually in addition to the initial effect. You can tell because the tooltip appears below the initial effect.
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A lot of people are probably going to post saying you have no single target damage. This may or may not be an issue however. For some of the bosses, AOE attacks will hit them multiple times making them do higher damage than single target abilities. For the boss at the end of act II, I did nothing but shoot a continuous stream of ball lightnings.
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Thanks for the input and advice so far.

I'm not quite sure what you mean though Daimen, because I thought my abilities seemed to do plenty of bonus weapon damage vs multiple or single targets.

If I were to get a really good sword or axe, are the auto-attacks good enough to kill most stuff, even in later acts? I don't mean alone, but i figured if I can get attack % increased, critical strike increase, and pair that with all my abilities and passives, I should be doing lots of damage. My concern was actually survivability, but I'm finding that Smoke Screen is so damn god at saving your life.

Question: Has anyone used Boar or Wold companion? If so, please let me know how they are and what they do exactly?
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Companions periodically attack in addition to whatever the rune effect specifies.

No one auto-attacks, afaik. It's pretty worthless to do so when you could have your basic attacks augmented by one of your skills' effects (homing arrows, slowing arrows, aoe bombs, etc). You're going to have a pretty hard time in melee range since you will only have room for 5 of your skills if you intend to auto-attack.

Also, your single target damage is going to be crap compared to a DH using rapid fire with a solid 2h or 2x1h.
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