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I have searched all forums ..have not seem this except in beta forums. Everything installed fine, but there is no visible mouse cursor on any screen. I know the mouse is working, because the buttone will sometimes highlight. Suggestions pz?
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Are you running Windows 7? If so, try changing your text size and then test the cursor in game.
1. Right click anywhere on the desktop and select Screen Resolution
2. Click on Make text and other items larger or smaller
3. Change the size of text to Smaller - 100% (default)
4. Apply, click on Log off now and restart
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Check your G-diffuser system!
I used this and it didn't wotk for me. When I was using large text, the cursor was not moving. When I switched to 100%, the cursor became totally invisible.

This only happens on my laptop. All its specs are beyond the recommended ones, but I'm not sure if my GeForce 310m is the culprit. Any other suggestions?
I have a laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M. A card that should work with Diablo 3.

I am having the same problem. I see a mouse cursor until I get to the screen that asks me for my battle.net account name and password. Then the cursor is no longer visible, but I know its there, because I can still with aggravated luck move my invisible cursor to click on buttons.

Tried Jurannok's suggestion, and it failed.

Please help.
Updated GPU driver, and reinstalled Diablo 3.

Still no cursor appears at the screen where you enter your battle.net account name and password.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Fixed it.

Move invisible cursor to select Options. Then under Video, move invisible cursor to Display and select Fullscreen Windowed. Then click Accept.
Cursor Should appear.
I've got a PowerColor AX7850 2GBD5-2DH video card with latest Radeon drivers, Win7. My cursor will mostly be invisible unless I use the text-size work around described by Jurannok, but its ridiculous that I have to change my settings and log out of my account every time I want to play Diablo.
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It seems to only happen if you use full screen mode so windowed mode is one option. A better solution though is if you set up a custom text size instead of using one of the larger preset values. For example, if I set it to 150%, the mouse doesn't work in-game when full screen, but a custom size of 149% works fine.

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EDIT: Whoops, after some more searching of the forum I see that it is a known issue!

Also having this issue, but I haven't tried changing my text size nor do I plan to. :) That would make my HTPC useless for everything but Diablo, and restarting it every time I change it is annoying.

Sorry to sound like a stuck up user, I just didn't get the sense from the Blizzard Support replies that it was an issue they are interested in fixing... but I'm probably just reading into it too much! :)
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I had this problem aswell on a Sandybride Core i5 intregrated graphics. I can use the mouse but the game pointer does not move on the screen. My PC is a HTPC so i have to have 150% bigger text otherwise viewing the desktop on 1920x1080 is too small for my eyes. Changing to 100% fixes the issue for me. Hope blizzard fix this.
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My cursor shows but does not move at all on my dell 15z laptop with Geforce 525M 2G, neither the touch pad nor the mouse can move the cursor, only keyboard tabs can change select options. Cursor won't move during game play either. Anyone knows how to fix this?
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Striker ,

If the mouse doesn't work in Windows, it's not the game causing it. I'd suggest contacting Dell if it's still under warranty. Otherwise, it's hard to know where to start not knowing what you've tried so far. I'd use a known good USB mouse first.

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This Worked For Me

I used my invisitble cursor to highlight Options & Clicked. Then I used my invisible cursor to finally highlight The Option Display, under the Screen section. Then I chose Windowed(Fullscreen) instead of just Fullscreen... Used the invisible cursor to find APPLY and clicked... Wala! Visible Cursor!!!
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This solved the problem for me. Go to screen resolution, select display settings, and then under the multiple displays option make sure it says show desktop only on screen one. Hope this helps.
Excuse me sir and thanks for the suggestion but I just had to *facepalm*. Sure people can do exactly as you wrote and for some it might not even matter. But for me, and most likley alot of other people we have a reason why we use the Windows setting we use. We dont want to change it, we want Blizzard to make a game that isnt full of bugs and glitches.

How long have this issue been known now? and nothing has been done about it. I would so much love to watch a live stream when the gamedesigner discuss this issue with his associates and how they reach the concoltion they that dont care and wont fix this, or other issues with the game. I have the feeling it might end up as some kind of tragic commedy.

Its Blizzard who should fix this, not the user. The main problem isnt the settings in the users OS, its the software called Diablo3 and the responsibility is all Blizzards.

.... need to take a chill pill now, but thanks for taking your time and helping people with that workaround, not exactly your fault Blizzard isnt doing what they should.
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If the mouse doesn't work in Windows, it's not the game causing it. I'd suggest contacting Dell if it's still under warranty. Otherwise, it's hard to know where to start not knowing what you've tried so far. I'd use a known good USB mouse first.

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Sir, he was obviously talking about the Diablo 3 main menu and then "in game, play" (when he started a game). His mouse works in Windows and everything you wrote is 100% nonsens, you should delete your own post because it makes no sense. What a dicky answer anyway, "contact Dell support" why the ..sf gggj would he contact the Dell support when theres a software error in Blizzards game called Diablo3?

Give me a decent answer on that and ill reward you with a Nobel prize in BS.
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