I'm using a mobility radeon HD 4250. It's on neither list of video cards so it's possible it's just a sub-par video card but when playing the game, I consistently have large blue triangles about the size of my character taking up about 30% of the screen in random spots, monsters are missing parts of their sprites and some times disappear altogether. The text will turn into random blurs as well and lastly the trees and overhead buildings will sometimes jump around and obscure the view of the lower layer of the game area. It does it on all combinations of the graphic settings. I appreciate any advice from fellow players/blizz reps. I know you're busy with the other issues right now so I can wait :) Still able to play the game, just want to enjoy the graphics.
Edit: I was a part of the open beta and had none of these issues. I did update my graphics card prior to playing the full version so it is possible that is the issue but the game warned me that my card was not up to date.
Edit 2: I think I fixed this myself. I found the sticky about the hotfix for this chipset. Sorry I missed it the first time!!!
Edit 3: Hasn't been fixed by the hotfix so back to square one...
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