Ok, so I bought the game, started up the setup file, and it hung at 70%... So I went to the forums and checked and tried allllll the suggestions. I changed Secondary Login to Auto, I ran the file in compatibility mode for XP Service Pack 2 and 3, I ran as an administrator, I took off compatibility mode, I deleted the ProgramData folder, I killed the "Agent *32" process on the task manager, I ran msconfig and disabled every firewall and anti-virus program that was even thinking of protecting my computer, etc etc etc...

But still, when I started the program, it quickly went to 70% and then got stuck. So I clicked on the Internet connection system tray icon and checked the Status (right-click) of my connection. Well I'll be...it was still receiving data. So I was patient. 30 minutes later it went to 90% and got stuck again. I checked the status, and it was still receiving data. So I went and read a book... 2 hours later, I check and it has an INSTALL button to click!

Now I am waiting again on a slow, slow internet connection to download more files. Not sure why all the files aren't actually on the CD-ROM that I paid $60 for? It says there is 7.6 GB of data on the disc? But at least I am not wasting my time trying to figure out why the setup program is "stuck at 70%" Blizzard may be able to program a wonderful game, but apparently a green bar that moves in synchronization with actual downloaded file progress is too much to ask for! :)

Just glad I finally figured it out... my suggestion, if it LOOKS like it is stuck, just check your actual bytes transferred and don't even bother looking at the progress bar.