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"I opened up IE (I do not use it normally) and saw that Work Offline was ticked. I noticed in another thread an issue relating to this so enabled online mode again, then restarted the installer and it started perfectly with no issues, so one solution to add to the list."


confirmed. sigh at blizzard
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ZZZZZZZZ I have tried EVERYTHING here! Nothing has worked so far. My friend next door installed it with no difficulties in 20minutes. ive been stuck for 2 hours. I even got his Whole D3 files on my HD, I am still getting this error.
Whereas when I wanted to install myself, When I ran the setup, It was stuck at getting update files blah blah... didnt even go to the isntaller section
Please Help
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Ok it just worked.
I copied his Bnet file from his AGENT folder. If you guys are facing this problem, its all about that agent crap. Try getting the file itself, I can zip and send it to you.
Here is the Directory for it ( my case):
I replace my Battle.net file with his, and updater ran
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Hello guys
i get the same problem and try many solution found on the forum but was still get the problem.
And i found a solution. I have for security program kaspersky internet security and i have anti banner enable, after disable this option i have can pass this error and can install D3
hope it'll can help
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hey rocky,i followed that list u put up,,my prob is that when i opened up the ' image file execution options' folder there was no 'agent' in the drop down,iam confused.i have never played around with the registry b4,can i make a new line with agent in it?
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Uhhmm how do i get the file 'Agent'???!
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Me too I'm so frustrated I wanna play Blizzard must see these post
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Hey can i get the Battle.net folder
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Check this!
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Try to delete "Battle.net" folder at

[Driver Letter]:\ProgramData\

for example:
C:\ProgramData\Battle.net -> delete this.
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here's a new solution which worked for me after i unsuccessfully tried everything else suggested.

i was trying to run Diablo-III-Setup-enUS.exe from a folder on an external networked filesystem. it gave me the BLZPTS00007 error. After I copied the file to my Program Files directory, which is not being accessed over a network, I was able to run the setup exe successfully.
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Thanks for the help everyone. In services I 'end process' all Agent.exe *32 and there was a lot and then unticked work offline in IE. This worked for me
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Great bro!
I now playing.
It's time to open the !@# of Diablo.^^
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I tried that, but there was no Agent in the images folder.
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Hey guys, I had this problem as well. I was able to fix it by opening IE and changing it from work offline. I had this problem though because I changed my Windows media player settings to work offline.
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OP: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5889159033

I had an issue similar to this error code when I was playing with my registry files, but this was the process that eventually got my game working again. Give it a try if you already haven't, a few have reported success (along with my own)
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i have been stuck here for 2 days now and dont know how to get past this
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Where's it getting stuck, sutphin93?
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'Constant change is here to stay.'
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I had this issue at install a few weeks ago

Fixxed it at : http://gerceecrib.blogspot.com/2012/05/diablo-iii-updating-setup-files-issue.html

Now the patch comes and bam cant play any more , updater cant get a connection. I remove the battle net program data aka the agent and it reinstalls , but ctrl alt del the agent during patching and manually opening agent. Game ones runce. Upon relaunch, then cant connect to updater next time around. This is bullspit I pay for wow for 12 mos to get a damn game that I have to rig to run and takes 3 minutes and some very swift ctrl alt del agent closing reopening to work. Tech support?
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