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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

pls fix the problem!!!!
respond pls blizzard
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bump for action, mates are overtaking me!!! :(
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Guys i tested and proved it myself,

multiple disconnects, mainly on bosses,



Plz fix tho i do enjoy WhirlWind

I am in ACT 2 NM, I was using BARB WHIRL WIND with heal rune, took it off and haven't dc at the usual point.. yet

EDit: have DC about 50 times today after couple of mins, still going strong :D
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i have exaclty the same problem. I live at my university dorm so i have to use the internet provided here. The first day i had no problem, the second day only happened twice , and now i enter and before 5 min i get kicked. Its obviously not a problem of my conection.
Same here, with university dorms connection.
It works like this - I'm starting a game with a new character (tried on Americas and Europe servers) -> playing without problems ->leaving the game after some time ->not able to connect ever again with this character, the game just freezes with the screen that the guy from second post in this thread posted.

Should've just stayed with Torchlight ...
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Same problem, but home connection. Cable directly to the modem, no router.
Took Whirlwind off and I'm going fine so far. Will post back if I disconnect again.

So far it looks as if one of the issues is related to the Barbarian ability Whirlwind!
I'm playing Wizard.
Trying to start the game from some previous quest removed the weird frozen screen, but I still can't connect to any game (single or public). The game seems unplayable for me, unless I never leave it and hope it never disconnects.
Playing a Monk. This issue definitely needs to be addressed and at least acknowledged by Blizzard.
Same for me. Worked great and now starting to get the same error whilst in game.
It works otherwise.
No router or modem, it goes direct into the wall.
I have opened the ports.

I can start games but get disconnected each 5-15 mins.
Now I can't even play on the EU servers. At the beginning of Act 2 on the first quest and I keep getting disconnected with the weird screen and my game freezes. I have to close it and open it again to be able to do anything. I'm so close to just giving up... I was so excited to play this damn game and it's been nothing but problem after problem. I'm playing a wizard.
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I've tried several more times, still can't connect.

Screw this piece of crap. How do I get a refund? I knew what I was getting into with that semi-single player, tried it, it doesn't work for me.
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Trying messing around with your abilities. I know for a fact ALOT of barbs were haveing issue, and they all were happening to be using whirlwind with heal rune (Now most of them are playing fine). There is possibly other fukced abilities talent/combos causing the same thing. So change them around and see if it happens still.

It only started in NM because the ability becamse available since then. I only had problems after the server restart so I swore it was the cause, but I also changed to this ability after restart, if you have no other option change your abilities around, I am sure there is alot of other issues getting around, but this is defenitaly causing alot of the random DC issue after 1-2 mins.
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I have this problem with all three classes I've started.
So, I downloaded that expat shield thing and for some reason it works. My ping is higher than normal at around 250-350 but it is playable. I played for about 2 hours and no disconnects. I don't know why that works but I can't connect with my own IP address. I think i'm going to call up my ISP tomorrow and see if they'll give me a new IP address.
I also removed whirlwind - and it has been 100% fine!!! But if I had its constnat disconnections.
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