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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

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Happening approx. 3-5 minutes since im in cathedral level 4, in nightmare.
Joined games, with same result, even games in normal difficulty.
The game and connection was working perfectly a few hours ago.
Nothin' running in the background except Win7 services...

I know they will solve the problem, but for now it's really disapointing.
05/16/2012 02:41 PMPosted by Dremeros
I started DCing late last night during the black soulstone quest... I haven't been able to pass it because i get half way done and it DCes every time. It really frustrating me becuase i play wow and everything runs smooth, im at 58 ms latency on D3, but it just randomly shuts off. WTH is the problem bliz.

I started DC'ing every single time on this same mission. Can't get past the cave.

Blizzard you need to sort this out.
same stuff for me very retarded how is there no reply to this
was able to play for 40 mins got excited! then dc..
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Cant resume, join games - The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected! -.-
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i cant play with this !@#$....$%^*$&
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I'm having the same problem. Has happened the last 4 or 5 times trying to run the second part of a quest. i have opened up the port listed through battlenet, to no avail. any direction to help troubleshoot the problem, would be great.
Same thing for me too in Nightmare only. played normal just fine it seems really annoying I cant play my higher level toon.... Why is there no response to this?? I also have green ping around 100 and keep getting booted while still being logged in afterwerds
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Bump until it's adressed.
I have the same issue. Every time i get about half way through a dungeon, I get disconnected. I can hardly even play the game
same here, I get disconnected about every 5 minutes in dungeon, takes me back to my character screen but I dont have to relog? So its not a true server disconnect i guess? Just getting booted from games frequently.
Same Problem for so many of us and blizzard posts NO responses. PLEASE BLIZZARD! HEAR US! are you even reading these forums? theres SOOOO many posts about "The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected" No explanation and no error message. My lat is fine, (below 100ms) and i had no problems at all until this afternoon. Why is it all of a sudden impossible to play longer than 5 minutes at a time?
Yup no problems till this afternoon as well. WTB Blizzard response.
Same problem. Does anyone from tech support actually read this forum? My inner cynic is wondering if they're just hoping that we will get tired of complaining about it and go away if they ignore us long enough.
bump, same here for me :(
from what I read in this thread and in others threads, it mostly happens to people playing Barbarians...
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I'm playing barbarian as well, so this may be true. Getting kicked out every ­5 minutes (or less), when playing act I in nightmare difficulty. Just played an hour with a newly made Demon Hunter, worked great. Tried rebooting the pc, without the router, same results.

Everybody knows the fault is on Blizzard' side, no way this is something about an unopened port or whatever.

So the solution, for now, seems to be playing in normal difficulty...
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