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"The game connection has been lost; your clie

I have been told by GM's not to open tickets for technical problems and to just go to the forums. So, Himmathand, that kinda makes me giggle a bit.

But, guys, simply going to the forms and making several different threads about the same issue isn't going to help much. We need to tell them what's happening and what we've done/tried to do to fix it and what we have found.

I've found that simply not playing my level 25 Barb and playing a new character (a level 5 or so Demon Hunter) allowed me to not d/c every 5 mins.

That and I'd rather people been working on the problem that sitting there staring at the forums saying "ok we're working on it. ok we're working on it. ok we're working on it." after every post. xD

edit : considering it is happening to classes OTHER than the Barbarian it is not a "Whirlwind" problem. Moving along.

well I ONLY have the problem while I used WhirlWind on my barbarian, so there is a link there trust me, many other people have the same WhirlWind issue,

so we know that WW has some sort of bug with it,

Which classes are also having similar issues? try and experiment with spells it could be a bug such as in the Barbarian case.
Afaik it only happens to barbarians, if they use the skill WhirlWind.

I'm playing a barbarian and had the same error until I changed my secondary skill. Use another skill instead of Whirlwind and you don't experience the error anymore.

It should work. Since I changed my secondary skill, I have been able to play Diablo 3 without any interruptions...

To bad I can't use the Whirlwind skill. I Just love that skill :p

Lol 100% effective!! thanks for this info!! im barbarian also and remove my whirlwind skill and no more DC..you saved my damn problem man...tnx...
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well I put in a ticket two days ago got a reply that just said this:

Greetings,For this issue, I recommend that you check out our support site. We have two pages that address connection issues for all of our games, including Diablo III:-Connection Troubleshooting: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/issue-connecting-21014-1126-Firewall, Proxy, Router and Ports Configuration for Blizzard Games: http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/firewall-configuration-for-blizzard-gamesFollow the steps related to your operating system. If your issue persists, please reply to this ticket and let me know.If you prefer to speak with a representative directly, please contact Account & Technical Services via phone. Our contact information can be found at http://battle.net/support/article/contact.Regards,Game Master PerathormCustomer ServicesBlizzard Entertainmentwww.blizzard.com/support

well this did not work so I have been on hold for 45mins now waiting on a tech person..
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same issue here! please fix this blizzard! BUMP
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Same issue, Act II Black Soulstone. This is getting ridiculous, I have disconnected 7 times and thus my "play for an hour before work" plan turned into an exercise in hair-pulling frustration. Wish they would do something here, their servers are clearly having a world of trouble.
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An older bump, but I literally can't play for more than a minute. This is ridiculous. I was fine until around 6PM CST today.
bump needs answers
have only been able to play release day
bump, 14th post ive seen, and yet no blue.
oh btw this is not only happening to US servers, its happening EU, and Asia aswell.
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cant play at all, I can make characters and edit my banner, but when i try to start playing i get a lenghty load screen and then the network disconnect message


i´m from mexico
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I removed whirlwind, still disconnecting. Similar to a number of people, it's on the Black Soulstone, Unknown Depths. Very frustrating. Tried the workarounds. Trying to be positive and put it down to first week teething but scared it'll be like Felmyst all over again :|

And the baby is awake now so there goes my short window to play :( Only been a problem since yesterday's maintenance.
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Swapped to rend, no healing rune - successful so far. So perhaps not WW itself but aoe with self healing?
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can we at least get a "we are looking into it" post from blizz? i changed my spell from WW yesterday, and haven't had a drop yet. not sure if that's the issue, or the rune associated with it, or how it correlates to other classes and their drops, but there is something here. now that the servers are up and somewhat stable, and hopefully some of you guys w/blizz were able to get some rest after such a hectic launch, i'd love to see some quick hitting patches for these types of issues.
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Well I called Blizzard tech line and they said it was on my ISP the trace route said so here is a copy of the trace route hope this helps people out..

Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops

1 69 ms 3 ms 3 ms aldjf []
2 14 ms 4 ms 3 ms
3 3 ms 3 ms 5 ms te-3-3-110.car2.Nashville1.Level3.net []
4 101 ms 209 ms 211 ms ae-11-11.car1.Nashville1.Level3.net []
5 18 ms 12 ms 12 ms ae-8-8.ebr2.Atlanta2.Level3.net []
6 12 ms 12 ms 12 ms ae-2-52.edge5.Atlanta2.Level3.net []
7 * * att-level3.atlanta2.level3.net [] reports: Destination net unreachable.

Trace complete.

I changed my ISP just incase you bad people can do someting with it..
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Glad am out this weekend.

Fix it blizz, it isnt users end.
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My brother and I are connected to the same network and he is experiencing this issue. I connect and play perfectly fine, while he can't play for longer than a minute or two.

I have no idea what the issue is, but so far nothing suggested is working.
Now when I try to connect without using Expat Shield I get the network disconnect but my game freezes with the PVP result screen in the background. WTF?
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well I stopped using my storm armor and now I dont get disconnected as offten. but now after getting disconnected I get error 3007
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